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I don’t see anything wrong with a gun in church or any other place for that matter, as long as the carrier has proper training in the use of the weapon. What I do see wrong is so many people being sheep and waiting like fish in a barrel to be shot and being surprised when it happens. At some point people have to realize that they are responsible for their own safety. That can’t be left up to law enforcement alone. There are just too many places to protect. It wouldn’t be feasible to have an officer at every school, business, church etc. Most of the men and women in blue are over worked and certainly under paid for the job they are faced with.
When I hear people complain about their response time it makes me want to say, DO THE MATH! How many assholes do these men and women in blue have to deal with on a daily basis? And how many calls do they answer that they shouldn’t have to simply because people don’t handle their business? Now I’m not saying that people need to take the law into their own hands but there is nothing wrong with telling thugs to stay the hell out of your neighborhood because the whole neighborhood is watching and don’t just tell them, show them. There is nothing wrong with making your neighborhoods a place that drug dealers and user don’t want to be. There is nothing wrong with members of a Church taking turns watching the door and protecting the congregation, I’m pretty sure the good Lord wouldn’t mind.
The best thing that could ever happen in our schools, churches, business, homes etc. is let nut balls know We are watching, and WE will take care of business, We have training to handle your sorry ass. Yes this is a gun free zone; we’ll give you all the guns you want to deal with asshole. The problem is so many people today are sheep, they look to be saved by someone else, and they piss and moan when it doesn’t turn out that way, It’s always someone else that let them down it’s not their job to protect themselves, that’s for the police to do. I say bullshit! We are responsible to protect ourselves and families, and no, everyone doesn’t have to be a dirty Harry with hand cannon running around shooting the hell out of everything and everyone. However, people can get control and manage these bad situations it just takes training and people to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of each other.
I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve seen where people are being beaten, stabbed, bullied or worse and no one lifts a hand to help yet they can stand and video the whole thing while the crowd just stands and watches, what the hell? Then we wonder why bad things happen every day? If people don’t start to stand up for themselves no matter where they are, they may be the next star of the video. Now I’m sure that some will read this and say holy shit, what a dumb ass. Maybe I am, but I’m not a fish in the barrel, and I won’t let someone just beat me down without a fight It doesn’t matter if I’m in a church, school or a corn field I’ll do my best to protect myself and those around me. I had a student ask me if I carried a gun, my reply was nope, one may not be enough; an armed society is a peaceful society, if deer carried guns there would be fewer deer hunters. Now my student or anyone he told the story doesn’t know if I really carry a gun or guns because I really never answered the question, but the seed is planted it’s the mind game that Damian was talking about, is the lemon worth the squeeze to find out? That’s the problem with this gun free zone bullshit and not enough people standing up for themselves so many have made the criminals brave by being sheep and all but posted signs that say unprotected people here have your way with us. Buildings are just real-estate they don’t care about guns but criminals do, so I say arm your building no matter what it is and plant the seed.