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Damian wrote:
First of all, I’m almost always sore. Sure I feel great, but after a god work out or I try something new, I get sore.

I look at it this way: feel and look good and be sore or…
look like crap, fell like crap but never be sore.[/quote:251tfqid]

I started bodyweight exercises a year and a half ago just before I turned 57 to start getting back into shape, and they help my hip arthritis when I walk but now it is worse when I sit. Like Damien, I would rather hurt and know I am being active and becoming healthier if I am going to hurt anyway.

By the way, going slow but steady has turned out to be a good strategy for me as I have stayed with exercise over the long haul and am making some steady improvements without the levels of soreness that made me stop so many times before.