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I have been checking out your posts on fitness and your articles, etc. on the resource page. I like what you say and it is true about consistency. For example, you said something to the effect that if you exercise consistently for 90 days you will see great results.

My question for you is the following: I have been slowly walking and jogging 2 or 3 miles and following this with weights. On the weights, I am doing one set of bench, one set clean and press, one set bent over rowing and one set of squats. I am using a weight that will allow me to barely do 20 repetitions. I am trying to get back in shape before attempting heavier weights like you mention in this string of posts. Is this 20 rep scheme ok for until I get back into some sort of decent muscle conditioning or should I start heavier right away? I don’t want to get injured, that is why I picked a higher rep range.

I have been doing this workout five days per week for a couple of weeks. I thought I would do this for the next 90 days and see how I feel and the results I get. Any thoughts are appreciated.

This site and your resource page are outstanding for all types of information. Thanks.