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Re: Your Take On Aliveness?


Most times “aliveness” means sparring. Sparring reduces your action to the rules of engagement.

People have been trying to bring realism into all aspects of training. Let’s look at firearms. We have a lot of technology from simunitions to computer generated firearms training (FATS) to help create aliveness. Most people will never step into a FATS simulator, most people shoot targets and that’s fine when you practice for combat and not for marksmanship.

The problem with hand to hand combat “aliveness” is that training tools like the redman suit or any other protective gear DO NOT PROVIDE the protection needed.

The bulletman, while effective in protecting your partner is not tremendously realistic with regards to distance and target size. But I will say of all the protective gear, it is the best. To be honest, the other suits don’t do squat so please save your money.

When it comes to aliveness, the sdts actually takes it back a step through technique and footwork. A hand full of techniques, a few basic strategies combined with foot work and purpose will enable you to adapt to EVERYTHING.

If all you had in your tool box was a hammer, than everything would look like a nail. For the purpose of self defense you don’t need many specific tools, just purpose.

Lets not over complicate things.

You’re trapped in a burning building that you have never been in before. I am sure you will figure a way to get out even though you have never been in that building before.

KISS: Hit with power, hit and attack often, take ground.

If you want to supplement training with a partner, I suggest judo, wrestling or a good MMA school, just to roll around with someone who is NON-COMPLIANT. But only use this as a supplement if you fee you must, but its not necessary as history has proven.