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Hi Human Weapon,

Line was good from what I hear. We didn’t use the system when I was on active duty but my son did. All the guy’s that I knew from the Marine Corps league (Active Sargent’s Major and First Shirts) Hated the switch to MCMAP. They saw the line method as you kill the enemy and move on to the next one. They see MCMAP as more wrestling than close combat training. I believe Paladin press has a book on the line method. It’s also a great place to get anything Fairbairn. I got to sandan in Oikiru Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu. Damians right, It doesn’t work. The only thing I really have kept from my Aiki days are the entries. Their just angle-in or out side steps. I also still use Ude Furi Undo. You can get behind someone in a heartbeat with that movement and it’s gross motor movement, too. Not bad, huh? Hundreds of dollars and more than a decade for 2 movements. MCMAP is going down the smae old tired road. Semper Fi.