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      After training one evening a student (who had a background in Judo and Ju Jutsu) approached me and asked why we spent so much time on striking and not more time on the ground working on our grappling skills? The assumption here is that

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      I’m dying to get my first module arrive at my door — it’s a bit of a trek to Australia — but in the mean time I have been learning heaps off this site and forum, thanks to you guys.

      I used to do Tang So Do as a kid, but not having a lot of upper-body strength I’ve always felt more inclined to grappling (and I wasn’t too bad with my feet either); though I have never been in a threatening situation where brute force was necessary. But, Allah forbid, if I do get into such a situation I’ll be looking at it from a much more focused angle and won’t be getting down in the dirt hoping to strangle the life out of them.


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