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      *** NOTE: This is a repost of my response to Mr. Keepin-It-Old School’s query about the viability of a 110 lb woman being able to defend herself. He(?) suggested that maybe only 98% of people could actually realistically expect to successfully defend themselves. ***

      This 110 lb woman is as dangerous as she wants to be. One great advantage she has is that 98% of people are going to underestimate her. But if I threw a 100 lb punching bag at you, it would hurt.

      One huge key I think for those being assaulted is to not go rigid in the body. I remember my daughter – even when she was tiny – throwing fits sometimes, and it would be awkward as hell trying to pick her up because she was not cooperating.

      Just convulsing with a mean attitude will make anyone a real pain in your ass. Believe me, this 110 lb woman can wreak plenty of havoc.

      Hit yourself on the side of your jaw near the point of it – a crossing blow. You feel that? A 110 lb woman could knock out a larger man if she was pissed off and mean as hell.

      Add to that all the other delightful little tools like ripping eyeballs out of sockets, knees to the groin, double chin jab, etc. Or how about the much underused head butt, which the Brits seem to have a good grasp of. Plus women have those long Wolverine-like nails. Rake those over a guy’s face while catching his eyes.

      Size matters to a point. Personally, I underestimate no one, not that I’m going to prey on anyone.

      Just look at penitentiaries or psyche wards. They’ll get a particular individual who’s not all that remarkable physically, but they’re just psychotic, and it takes like 10 guys to get them under control. And they’re all clad in full body armor. God, that’s a comedy. Of course, they’ve got rules – can’t just go in there and try a field goal attempt with the guy’s face.

      There’s *no* substitute for clinical psychosis. You don’t even need any techniques to spaz out and lose your frickin mind. In fact, I think that controlled techniques make you easier to control, because you become more predictable.

      The advantage an amateur has over a professional is that you don’t know what the hell they’re going to do. In fact, being a professional, in my opinion, is a *huge* weakness because you are conditioned to operate by rules which, if known, can *easily* be used against you.

      Take a SWAT team for example. It ain’t hard to figure out what they’re going to do in a given situation, or how they’re going to make their approach. It’s textbook. And *that’s* the problem.

      What if the SWAT team was just a bunch of psychos coming for you? *That* my friend would actually be frightening.

      Political correctness (rules) is probably killing more American soldiers than the enemy is.

      Not that you shouldn’t be professional, but at some point you *must* transcend your training to a state of no-training.

      Micheal Jordan is a great example. That guy *improvised* on the fly, and you couldn’t defend that.

      I have a saying which is a great revelation: The highest mastery of any skill is improvisation.

      Improvisation turns you back from professional to psycho. No rules. No patterns. No predictability.

      Eventually one must transcend the notion of specific combinations, for example, and just let loose. Improvise. I love improvising.

      This is a humongous problem with professional fighters. They’re too easy to figure out, because they got all these damn rules and techniques.

      How bout just goin damn nuts?

      My philosophy is to condition myself cardiovascularly so that I can just spaz out indefinitely. Fighters are always trying to conserve their energy for the right opportunities and that’s their achilles heel in my opinion. It’s the rare fighter I see who is really conditioned to go through hell. This is a sign of weak character because conditioning is self-imposed pain and abject suffering. If you really want to be someone to be reckoned with, then reckon with yourself and inflict unimaginable amounts of pain on yourself, and condition yourself to keep going.

      Pain is power. Love it. Laugh in it’s face.

      The *only* way to develop an insane level of focus is to endure insane levels of pain.

      I believe that conditioning is what separates fighters from warriors. A guy who’s conditioned has already put himself through hell, and that fight ain’t gonna be nothin. I judge fighters by their conditioning. There’s nothing that pisses me off more than seeing some “pro” run out of gas.

      HEH: *This* is what you do for a living jackass, and you can’t run a few extra miles?!?

      Fighters always seem to attack in spurts. But what if a guy could come out and go *all* out the *entire* fight? I mean, what if this guy *never* let up for a second? A guy conditioned to do that would be a terror.

      Hit a punching bag as hard as you can for as long as you can…and then keep going. Jabs are for pussies – that thing should be lethal. Could do it on BOB too, but in my opinion a punching bag takes more out of you and BOB is better for practicing shot placement and techniques you can’t do on a heavy bag. Other than that, BOB is too delicate. Someone needs to design a BOB that’s at least twice as heavy – up top as well as in the base. That head should feel like a damn cannon ball. It’s so much more satisfying to head butt a cannon ball. Hell, just make a whole body out of solid steel covered in rubber, that weighs about 400 lbs, and then anchor it to a mobile platform so it’ll move around a little. After beatin that, a human being will seem like the Pilsbury Dough Boy. You could even grapple with it. Imagine a 400 lb steel demon layin on you.

      By the way, one huge advantage from operating from your center of gravity is conservation of energy; you’ll expend much, much less energy while delivering more punishment.

      This 110 lb woman could be absolute hell quite easily. Like I said, think of how difficult it is to deal with a small child who’s throwing a tantrum. So why not make throwing a tantrum the basis for your self-defense. Nothin like good old fashioned temper tantrum for raisin hell.

      Most professionals will never break free of their conditioning and, as a result, they will only be really dangerous to other professionals. A smart guy who knows what their MO is will take them apart.

      When you operate with control, you’re easier to control.

      So you take all your techniques and what you do is to get them down to the point that you can just throw em in your crock pot of hell and, at the moment you need them, whatever comes out is what comes out.

      Even the idea of “techniques” is really self-imposed limits. This technique, that technique. *NEVER* EVER EVER forget the *objective* – the *point.* That is to destroy.

      I have another saying: When you focus on the end, the means will appear.

      If you really want to destroy someone, you *will* do it. Training or no training. It will happen. 98% of people just aren’t committed.

      Commitment is more important than discipline. Commitment is like the honesty in my honesty-discipline equation of character.

      If you are *really* committed; ready to die, ready to kill, this is 99% of self-protection. Period. Suck on that, hombre.

      The most important thing to think about when facing peril is *not* your techniques, but a simple phrase:

      I will destroy you.

      I will Prevail.

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      You really answered my question. That was like answering ten ata time dude! Holy shit, where’s all this wisdom come from?

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      My “wisdom” comes from things and others around me. It is not original to me. I just mix em together.

      If you look at things and people around you without prejudice, and without respect to labels and titles, you’ll find lessons everywhere. And think outside the subject matter. Maybe you learn something about geo-politics from watching kids on a playground. Maybe you learn something about self-protection watching animals. Who knows.

      I love learning. The more I learn, the dumber I realize I am.

      Wisdom is defined by it’s pursuit, NOT it’s attainment. Once you think you know something is when you become stupid. This, for example, is why a lot of people with degrees are morons; they forgot that wisdom is a lifelong and humble pursuit of infinite knowledge, not a damn piece of paper.

      When you think you have mastered something is when you will fall. Never for a moment think you’ve got it down. You don’t. By being humble and pursuing more, you will be in the safest frame of mind.

      I always noted how Tiger Woods would clean up at a golf event, and he’d be interviewed about it, and he’d say, “I can do better.” THAT is why that guy is so dangerous.

      The day you think you know something, or you’ve got it down, is the day you will get your ass handed to you.

      Humility is the path to wisdom.

      And remember: An expert can be wrong once, and an idiot can be right once.

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      dude you should give like self improvement speech seminars lol. I shit you not!

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