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      I give this DVD five stars out 5! this DVD is awesome. I mean there all good so far but this DVD stands out. Finally a DVD that is grounded in reality about ground fighting. No sport fighting here. Thank God.

      I have many “Reality Based” groundfighting DVDs and they amount to judo with street clothes. Not this DVD! Ya know that voice in the back of your head that tells ya that this submission hold will get your nuts smashed? Well this DVD reassures that voice.

      Nice job Damian. Thanks.

      Oh and thanks Pete ya make a good Uke :) And I am thinking of re-naming by BOB…Pete! :D J/K

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      Just viewed all of Module 1. I have to say I am impressed & pleased with the quality & content of the DVD. As a 30+ year police officer (20 of those in the military), it provided insight into techniques I knew about, but never fully understood application. The DVD was an illumination. For years, I have felt unarmed defense was my weakness. I took various martial arts classes of different styles looking for the one that best fit my line of work. But, I always felt lacking because the stylistic forms were not practical for what I experienced everyday on the street. I muddled through for years, able to affect arrests with little to no injury of myself or others, but I still felt doubtful if I came face-to-face with a

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