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      Dallas Williams

      I’ve researched Carl Cestari and know a great deal about him from what I’ve discussed with Damian. I know that he had to spend a few years in prison for killing one of his fellow police officers back when he was a cop, which he claims was an accident when they were all drunk and he was goofing around pointing his gun at one of his fellow officers and it he “accidentally pulled the trigger.” I kind of have difficulty buying this story and I wonder if he wasn’t looking for a way to get put in prison just to get to test out his fighting skills and what would later become the SDTS. His psychological evaluation also revealed that he was borderline or slightly sociopathic which means it might not have really troubled him morally to kill his fellow officer. I mean think about it prison is the best environment if you are looking to encounter violence, a lot of asocial heartless low lifes who can kill a human being and feel the same amount of remorse as if they swatted a gnat not to mention the fact that he was a former cop and now sharing a prison with some of the very men he helped put away who would have wanted revenge. There were several attempts on his life while he was there and some of the very means he used of defending himself against guys trying to shank him became the tactics we use in module 8 weapon defenses, and why we know that they can and do work in real life situations. Young Wang and I were discussing this and seems like a reasonable theory to me as to why he might have shot his fellow police partner. No doubt Carl’s knowledge and skills and contribution to the world of self defense is something to be respected and much can be learned from it and has been used for the greater good to protect and save lives, however this makes me loose a lot of respect for him as a human being and not somebody I would ever trust with my kids hell even my pets because I cannot morally approve of or condone the killing of one person by another unless it is purely self defense Frown.

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      Dallas Williams

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      Dallas Williams

      To help prove my point just check out this video looks like Carl is really thrilled torturing and putting Damian in a lot of pain. But that being said I really enjoy this video cause I know it’s the only time anybody will ever make Damian his bitch lol Laugh.

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      Lol Carl was having fun in that one. Damian had that WTF look on his face.

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      James Goolsby

      God bless Damian.

      Anybody who has the balls to put up with that for all those years deserves nothing but respect. I wouldn’t have lasted one lesson with that guy before i said, “F this!” and signed up and Molly McFee’s School of Tae Kwon Do and Quilting! Laugh

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      First about the video – and time spent with Carl.

      You could tap, but Carl stopped when he felt he should stop. A habit I developed as a result of my time with him. But there was a reason behind it.

      From an uke stand point, you build a tolerance and develop a pain threshold. From a tori perspective you train to keep going.

      Regarding the reasons he did what he did…he’s dead and that’s the end of it. Whatever happened is between him, the people who were there and GOD. Personally I never asked him what happened because it was clear there were other things going on besides what was on the surface. He offered to take me to someone to hear the story and I declined because it wasn’t needed.

      All I know is that whatever the reason it ate him up inside and I believe that’s why he “let death take him.”

      Even though it added to his development and knowledge in the realm of kill or get killed, I don’t think would have paid that price, ever.

      Let’s leave it where it is and remember him as an intelligent and articulate person.

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