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      Last night I was practicing the vertical axe hand guard with my buddy BOB. I took the 45 degree angle position with my arms in the vertical guard, did my convulsive dropstep, landed a horizontal axe hand right in BOBs throat then immidiately landed a vertical axe hand right on the collar bone. By the sound of the impact I knew if BOB was a real person…he’d be hella-hurting. Then I repeated the same maneauver, dropstep/horizontal axe hand, then followed up with a direct chinjab smash. The vertical guard seemed very very effective from the boxing stance. I was clowning around and discovered some what seemed to be effective offenses with the vertcal axe hand guard and the horizontal arms cross/axe hand position. Would those type of offense procedures be effective? They were on BOB.

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      Remember, 90% is attitude and intent while 10% is technique. While it sounds you have the later down, here are a few tips to work on the attitude portion.
      When training my students here in Afghanistan, I tell them when they strike their target always deliver three – four successive blows and think of the following jingle “HIT with HATE, HIT to HURT.” I think that is self-explanatory. Give this a try and let me know how your demeanor has changed.

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