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Alternates to Pepper Spray in non-permissive environments

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      Following the suggestion by Sensei Ross that pepper spray could be replaced by something like bug spray (based on an original suggestion by the SDTS Instructor in Bermuda) it got me to thinking and following several PM discussions with Sensei Ross I did a search for items that might be a replacement for Pepper Spray in those environments that have laws preventing individuals from carrying such an excellent self defense tool.

      This would include areas like Canada, Europe and the UK (I know the UK is strictly part of Europe but we don’t think like that!). It has to be something that nobody could argue you were carrying specifically to defend yourself or as they would think to use as an offensive weapon. Obviously in the summer I would be justified in carrying bug spray around but in temperate climes there aren’t any bugs around in Winter.

      The obvious solution is to carry something that is part of a personal grooming kit. Therefore think along the lines of breath fresheners, hair sprays and my favorite deodorants. I have two links below that show a deodorant that I am particularly impressed by. Unlike most products in this area there is no cap that needs to be removed. You just twist the top to leave them open, put them in your shirt pocket and you are ready to go! They are also very small – about the size of a .303 cartridge. Personally I like the idea of carrying something called the “bullet” to defend myself if it came to it.

      Here is a link – … ogId=11051

      and another … orant.html

      Obviously what you carry comes down to personal preferences and what is available in your locale.

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      This is thinking outside the box. The real use of pepper spray is a distraction, not a fight0ender. All you need to do is get the skel to pause to give you enough time for an opening. Anything more is a bonus.

      Great find Harry.


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