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      Dear Rik,

      I received the following email from you regarding your accusation that we use

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      For the record, I had to return Module 1 (can’t afford it, Lucy!). I asked for an RA number, got it the next day, package is on it’s way back. Maybe he didn’t like the “Dear Victim” letter. I got a chuckle out of it.

      BTW I clicked on the link you provided him ( I assume that’s the infamous Captain Crunch I’ve been hearing about). I clicked on the first video and noticed at about 27 seconds and 36 seconds on the video, there’s a shot of two guys training from YOUR place when you were in Pompton!

      Did he ask permission for that? If he’s never been there, then he probably downloaded one of your vids and snipped out a few seconds.

      Figured I’d let you know…

      EDIT Oy…nevermind! Coming late to the party. Didn’t realize you guys had a history…


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      You must have a sense of humor, but that was when it was 97.00, not its still 57.49!

      Also, the Dear Victim goes out only if the card has been declined a few times over the course of 12 days. We start off all nice-nice.

      As for the CPT. I can’t really comment on any of that. Still wrapped up with the lawyers.

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      I just received your return of Module 1…unopened?!?!?

      We receive so few returns, literally a fraction of a percent, so I have them shipped to the NJ office to review them.

      How come you didn’t even watch it?

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      To be honest, I knew I would like it!

      Since I did take some classes with you already, I figured it would be similar to what was covered already.

      If it’s anything like the Guardian stuff or what we did in class, then I’m sure I would have liked it. I like the way you present the material and I enjoyed the few classes I took, so I know the DVD series has to be at least that good.

      Again, these have been financial decisions lately. Hopefully they end soon…


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      Understood, I want you on board, hell I I like you when I saw that I was a little like…WTF?!?!

      Also, we do have the seminars in March, June, August and November.

      The SDTS is the crown jewel of the programs. so get back on it before the price goes back up.

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      Lol. i love hearing Damian bitch out at people!

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      People are given so many chances to try the system without costing them really anything, and if you don’t think it is for you all you need is a mail box and calendar. Seems that is to hard for some people.

      We stand behind our product. If you can’t be bothered to do your part we’re not doing you any favors. The policies are fair, but require people to get off the couch to deal with, and that is just to damn hard for some.

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