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      Sorry guys this may well of all ready been addressed, but I am new here. I have another couple of question re BOB;

      1. Can he be used without gloves ? – is he liable to rip tear ?

      2. What is the smallest area feet wise you could train in with a bob xl ?

      Reason I ask is my garage is partitioned of into small rooms and i have an area of approx 4 feet by 4 feet to train in would this be sufficient.


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      I would advise against using wraps or gloves simply because you don’t wear them in the street. Also it will get your hands used to hitting something. Just take your time in building up your hand endurance. This is also why in mod one Damian shows you how to set up some bricks and bags to hit.

      Also a 4 x 4 space sounds kinda tight but would help with training close quarters. Or you can do as I do and roll it outside and wail on it.

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      Thanks Archie, have you got a BOB or a BOB XL ? and if so where from ?


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      The 4’x4’ area is a little tight BOB will take up half of that area, but like Archie says you can move him outside also in the 4×4 area take him off the base lay him on his back get in the mount position and three count drill the hell out of him.

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      I actually have a wave master it’s basically a stand up bag with the same base as the BOB. I like using it, however I’m going to Academy soon to purchase a BOB XL I think they had them for a little over $300.

      As long as you have something to hit in the beginning your good, btw for the wave master I only paid $115 on sale at Sports Authority a few years ago.

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