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      Oct 4, Me and my family went to the store to get photos taken . While waiting , a woman came up wanting her photos . A man came up 2 minutes later and started talking crap to the woman wanting her photos. The man is a known sex offender .The lady taking the photos asked them to go to the front of the store, they started for the front and I heard her say don’t hit me no more . So I started for her and walked her to the front.When we got there the grandmother and the baby was there.The woman stayed behind me , he said give me my baby and ripped her from the grandmother.5 other women took the baby away from him.This all happened about 15 foot away from me, some (tuff guy) started talking loud and saying something !!! He then seen I had it under control and backed off. The guy then started for the woman ,and I got in my stance and said back off ,about 3 times ,he did .I wanted him to do something so bad , but he just kept running his mouth. NO I WANTED TO CHOP HIS HEAD OFF AND BREAK HIM IN HALF!! With 45 people watching I waited for him. Then the cops came. The thing I learned was, training with SDCT made me more confident and able to keep a cool head when it goes down.Thanks SDC

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      You held down the fort until the cavalry came, excellent!!!!

      Thank you for taking a stand and letting the skel know that his actions would not go without consequences. Standing up is one thing, but having the confidence to back up your play is what made him stand down.

      Also, when you let him know that you are not going to stand by, it opened the door for others to step up.

      Excellent Louis and Thank You,


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