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Are there stores where I can buy the DVDs?

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      I won’t type my credit card number in on a website (I don’t know who I’m giving it to!) but I do want to try your self-defense sytem. Do you know of any stores or places where I could get it in person? I live in NY. Does your training center in NJ sell DVDs?

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      First welcome to the forum.

      In answer to your question. No. The SDTS is sold exclusively through the site and SDC Professional Instructors and Training Centers.

      The larger issue is trust and security. With identity theft being a serious issue and growing problem, everyone should safeguard their personal information.

      Self Defense is not just about fighting. We also teach crime prevention, identity theft, cyber bulllying and even prepare people for traveling abroad.

      One of the things ou should know is that you are more likely to have your information stolen from a waiter, gas attendant, clerk or live person. As long as you’re on a secure server with a reputable shopping cart and secure gateway processor, your chances are slim. We use ultra cart and, two of the biggest names in the business. When you order from the SDC, your information NEVER is touch by human hands.

      The only question is whether you trust the company you’re giving you information to. The primary suggestions we make are :monitor your purchases and set up an exclusive card strictly for those types of purchases.
      So you have two cards, a lifestyle card that you use for everyday transactions and your internet card that you use for online purchases. This way you can control what you purchase. Any invalid purchase can be controlled.

      As a merchant we take this responsibility seriously since too many charge backs or unauthorized charges will lead to a loss of ability to accept credit and debit cards. This would REALLY crush business.

      The FDC provides some pretty good information here:

      I hope this helps you to sleep a little better so to speak and helps you take the next step in your training.

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      My first module made the trip to Aus. I got it a few days ago. It’s awesome, a lot of good info. I feel I now have a much better chance at keeping my head in a threatening situation. Can’t wait for Module 2!!

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      Keep us up to speed on your training. I urge you to ask questions and post comments.


      PS. Wait till you do the Double Hip Check in Mod 2!!!

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      I haven’t been able to find a store in Australia that has the BOB you guys use; all I have found was this one so far: [url:382i8h7f][/url:382i8h7f]
      Though one that style would probably still suffice?

      So I am without BOB for the moment, but I have still been practicing the strikes and my speed and power has improved a lot. I do a mixture of standard and knuckle pushups (weight on first two digit knuckles) each morning when I wake up.

      Anywho, hopefully I see Mod. 2 soon, and I’ll see to getting BOB and some runners when my credit bill comes in.

      Oh yeah, and I agree: edge of hand is awesome!


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