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Are these changes normal in a guy becoming more fit and gaining muscle?

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      Dallas Williams

      So I’ve been working hard in module 7 from the SDTS and my own weight training program I’m using that I find I’m getting good results from. And I’m getting stronger and gaining muscle mass and notice my power and endurance is increasing when drilling on the dummy. So what’s the problem right? Well is it normal as these changes occur to have feelings of becoming more aggressive and competitive and spike in sex drive? I feel like the soldier protector instinct in me is really becoming more awakened now especially with the significant women in my life. Which is a good thing, but my sister is in a relationship with this guy that’s a total douchebag to her and every time she comes back from a date with him she’s crying about something he’s done or said. Which should be an easy solution to the problem dump his ass and move on but for some reason she chooses to stay with the dick and keep putting up with the bullshit. I know it’s her choice to make and not my battle to fight but it straight up pisses me off and it’s taking everything I have to not go module 9 on the son of a bitch. And I kind of find myself wanting somebody to threaten or try to attack and pick a fight with me just so I can beat their ass but so far I’ve been disappointed. And about the libido, lately if I’m in walmart just innocently Christmas shopping and these underage teenage chicks walk around scantily clad which if they had a parent that cared anything about them they wouldn’t allow them to leave the house like that I find myself starting to pop wood because they look 18 or 20 not 15 lol. Please don’t come down on me guys or turn me in to the authorities because I’m not a pedophile and I have no intentions on acting on any of this shit or beating down my sister’s asshole boyfriend unless he gives me a legal reason too. I was wondering if any of you guys have experienced the same things or something similar and how you deal with it and I hope none of what I said has offended anybody as I know we are all primarily males here? Thanks and happy holidays Laugh

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      Dallas, wassssup. We spoke on FB a little about this and if my computer were up and running I could give you some scientific crap on what’s happening inside your body. But I n short yes it’s normal. When you start working out after not doing it a while and depending on the exercises your body will increase testosterone, which makes us more competitive, build muscle, and puts us in the mood more. Also since starting the SDTS and getting back into my own routine minus the weights I’m where you are right now. More competitive and and want to jump my girls bones more. And it’s gonna be worse when I start hitting the weights haha. I think the main cause is your test is going up which isn’t a bad thing unless you do talk to one of those chicks who look 18 and turn out to be 15 but that’s a different post haha. I’ve personally noticed those changes time and time again when I stop working out for a while then start back up. For me I’m not really looking for a challenge to use my SDTS skills bc I’m personally scared to find out what I can really do. The past couple incidents I’ve had could have turned out bad if I didn’t know the SDTS but I also controlled myself as much a I could during that stress so that I wouldn’t seriously hurt them. The guy with the fake stick gun in my other post for example. When I hit him with a tiger claw I thought I took his head off then the edge of hand I thought I killed him, but he was merely knocked out cold. I wanted to stop him not kill him so I guess I held a little bit back but I still hit hard enough to stop him. The SDTS shows us there are times when you may need to hold back just a little to keep that protector mindset and not a killer instinct. I believe this is part of those changes too, like you Dallas I’ve gotten slot more competitive, and as soon as it’s not freezing down here I will start back training for the Spartan Race Cool

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      Young Wang

      Testosterone needs a legal outlet. Dallas, if it bothers you, it’s perfectly legal to ask your sister’s boyfriend that you and him need to have a 1-on-1 guy talk outside. Now that you guys are alone, put a hand on his shoulder and tell him firmly but POLITELY what’s been bothering you. Will it solve anything? Maybe, maybe not but I GUARANTEE you that you will feel better and like more of a man for doing so and exerting your natural dominance.

      Regarding the libido, the obvious answer, that’s perfectly legal, is to start talking to every attractive girl you see no matter where you are, SINGLE girls, to be exact. You should NEVER even bother looking at GROUPS of girls during the day. Not because it’s disrespectful, but because you miss out on the girls who are ALONE and shopping by THEM SELF. Keep in mind that you never KNOW for sure if a girl is underage until you ask. Best thing to do is to ask for directions to the nearest Starbucks, etc. and transition the conversation to more friendly/social to find out her age. A lot of girls just have a baby face. Introduce your self off a hi-five or a hand shake and just hold on to their hand and that’s the trick, DON’T let go of her hand while keeping the conversation going. The girls that are NOT DTF will immediately yank out their hand no matter what you do so you should just LEAVE after trying twice. The Maybe girls will yank out their hand the 1st time you try, but if you go back to normal conversation and build more social comfort, you can try again in a couple minutes and maybe turn them into a YES DTF girl. No more guesswork and mental masturbation about whether or not she’s DTF, if she was, she’d let you hold onto her hand without getting creeped out.

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      Holy crap, it’s funny this topic came up.

      First of all, I hate all of the “speed seduction” crap. It makes you think you can hypnotize any woman into magically banging you.

      It’s bullshit, there’s no magic wand…HOWEVER, YW brings up a great point – just like there are ways of determining if an attacker is stalking you, there are ways to determine if a girl is interested AND there are things you can do and ways you can act that will subconsciously send signals that “you’re the man”.

      It’s about psychology and body language. Granted, if you smell like shit, and dress like you rolled out of a dumpster – nothing is going to work. But with the SDTS Alpha Male Mindset and the right type of training – you will be able to discover an outlet for your new boost of testosterone.

      The guy’s name is Connor Boyland from I’ll post the details (depending on how the interview goes).

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