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Are We All Getting Progessively Worse?

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      Only in the martial arts does the idea exist that a student can never be better than the instructor. No where else in coaching and education do we hear statements like “Sensei can always beat me”. Meanwhile sensei is 85 years old and eating through a tube.

      You should always give credit where credit is due, but this sort of sentiment is built into the martial arts. We could even take it a step further and say that thinking otherwise is blasphemy! Because in the dojo, the instructor ALWAYS wins.

      Imagine hearing Derek Jeter talk about how Joe Girardi could still out play him or Ben Roethlisberger say that Mike Tomlin can pick him off at will. only in the martial arts is it possible that a 30 year old will freely admit that an 70 year old man can out perform him 100% of the time.

      This has nothing to do with respect, it has everything to do with the learning model of the martial arts. Let’s assume all things between instructor and student are equal with regards to natural ability. If the student doesn’t surpass the instructor then hasn’t the instructor has failed? Natural law dictates that younger generations should advance farther and faster than previous ones. A teacher is supposed to accelerate learning so that the subject matter can evolve.

      If the opposite is true and you’ll never be as good as your instructor than aren’t we all getting progressively worse? If you are not as good as your instructor, then the person you teach will be worse then you and so on until the last person ever to teach can’t even get out of his own way.

      Does grass hopper EVER really snatch the pebble?

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      Even Jesus said that His disciples would do greater things than He did.

      I believe that any great teacher (mentor) will be surpassed by faithful students because teaching is simply opening a door of limitation that the student can then build upon and develop even further.

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      I expect every one of my students do be better than I am when they go through my lessons. I am 49 and have arthritis. Sure, when they enter my class, I can usually outdo them easily.. They are 20-30 years old mostly. I expect them to be better than me at the end, because they are younger, stronger, faster.

      I sometimes save some moves for special occasions, and kid them that I haven’t taught them everything, while they are picking themselves up. But eventually they get most everything.

      I’ve been put on my butt by my students so they know I am no superman. They use to get scared thinking I’d be pissed. I always get up with a big smile and let them know, “Now you’ve got it”.

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      Nothing can replace years of experience. As an instructor you hope that they are developing faster and in a more efficient manner than you.

      I hope someone who is training with me for a few months has a lot more knowledge and skill than I did after a few months of training.

      This is the only way anything can evolve.

      But 49…shit you’re just warming up! Spartans didn’t stop until 65! :D

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      They probably didn’t whine about their arthritis either! Ha

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      That’s funny. :D” title=”Laughing” /> But they probably griped just the same.

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      Damn guys! Where’s all this knowledge come from? Is it age?

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      This kind of reminds me of my post I made about that “Fist Foot Way” video.

      No one ever expects the trainer of a boxing champion to be able to beat the fighter, but in the martial arts, it seems that many people expect the instructor to have a big red “S” on their chest until they reach their death bed.

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