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Are You Collecting Ornaments or Rocks?

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      While taking a certain type of martial art, I can remember my instructor going into elaborate detail in demonstrating that there were three different escape techniques from a same side wrist grab, three different escape techniques from the same side elbow grab and three different escape techniques from a shoulder grab. That

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      Darren, how many times have you got the “That’s it?” statement? One of the biggest complaints (though I take it as a compliment) is the simplicity of the system and technique.

      The feeling that there always must be more, the answers can’t be that simple. Nothing is that easy. In martial arts, its built it is by design or accident, we are taught that it has to be complicated. You must invest countless hours and years perfecting something that can never be perfected. My guess it is a throw back from the Edo period in the samurai days and perpetuated by sport.

      Combat and self defense, just have to work. There is a point where it is good enough. The only element to “perfect” is hit hard, hit fast, hit early and hit often.

      You aim for the sweet spots, but he moves, you miss- its all the same, keep taking ground and keep attacking.

      Its a hard pill to swallow for someone who has invested their beliefs in a system. Like most of us here, we just want results.

      Damian Ross

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      A lot of people stumble over the truth and then get up and walk off as if nothing had happened. That

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