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Best Fight Scenes

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      Spencer Tracy Bad Day at Black Rock 1955

      Blood On The Sun 1945
      James Cagney 2nd Degree in Judo, the Japanese man he is fighting I believe was the close combat instructor for the LAPD at the time. Check out the jujigatame…sorry, arm bar counter, great stuff.

      Devil’s Brigade 1968
      Jeremy Slate plays Dermott “Pat” O’Neill (check out module 5) who trained the actual DB.

      Robert Michum and Takakura Ken going through the Yaks. One with the katana the other with the .45 and the 12 gauge. Great stuff, one of my favorite movies. This is what fighting with a katana looks like.

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      Thanks for posting these, Damian. Great stuff!

      Looked like Cagney was using a “real” choke on that guy and not a “movie” choke.

      Here’s another great fight scene: … re=related

      Seriously, there are boxing and wrestling moves in there!


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      You know Rob, it IS a really good fight scene.

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      Tak Kobota in the Mechanic 1972

      I love when he gets pissed!!!

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      “Fighter in the Wind” final scene has always been my favorite:

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      That was awesome and without wires and CGI. Good knock down karate, I love it.

      I got another for you, not as flashy but is has guns, kung fu, Mako, Tak Kubota, Ninjas, a sword fight, Burt Young and James Caan. Really, what more can you ask for?

      The Killer Elite 1975

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      sragone, how did they manage to NOT actually hurt each other in that clip! Sounded pretty real to me. Not a lot of those crazy Martial Arts movie sounds.

      Damian, nice clip of some pre-Rocky Burt Young kicking butt! I have to go back and revisit some of these great 70s films.

      OK. You know I had to post this one: … re=related

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      I’m guilty, I got into Tae Kwon Do because of Billy Jack. That poetry recitiing, hippie bastard!

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      I always thought that fight scenes that were performed without wires were always the best. Here is a more recent fight sequence, it’s the intro scene for “Blood and Bone”

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      Damian wrote:
      I’m guilty, I got into Tae Kwon Do because of Billy Jack. That poetry recitiing, hippie bastard![/quote:ids30ubm]

      Lol, that’s funny, thanks for the clips, more movies I have to check out.

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      y’know what I think I’m gonna do Damian..I think I am gonna take this right foot…”bangbangbang” is how that would sound in reality.

      Still it was fuckin funny.

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      C’mon guys, the best Cagney scene was in Public Enemy, and you all KNOW the scene I am talking about. Grapefruit right in Mae Buck’s face.

      Breakfast of champion gangsters.

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      Next time, just give him a drink for breakfast!

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      Does the SDTS cover fist blows? Or is everything unconventional tactics?

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      In Module 2 you cover hammer fist strikes (vertical and horizontal, long and short with contact on the edge of fist side).

      In module 6 we cover fore fist attack with hand conditioning. The knuckles absolutely positively MUST be conditioned heavily before you start brain smashing in the street without gloves.

      There are a few training routines on there where in a matter of weeks you could obliterate your target.

      As for “unconventional” strikes… we could have a conversation about that, it all depends on your perspective.

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      Awesome. By your words Damian, I take it that the way we condition our hands is something that is totally foreign to boxers and other combat athletes, I love it. Makiwara’s do well too. I saw the bulldog takedown on youtube, fucking loved it! Condition your knuckles then add cestari’s two punch combo, you’d knock out every tooth in his head!

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      That’s it, no need for fancy bullshit.

      Remember Mike Tyson?
      Remember when Mike Tyson punched Mitch Green in the face?
      Mitch head busted, Mike’s hand busted.

      Speaking of Iron Mike do you recall what street fighter Mike did to Lennox Lewis in the press conference that went to shit? He bit his leg!!!

      Lennox was like WTF!! Welcome to street fighting!

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      Wow, awesome thanks Human.

      Carl’s vid is the best of course. Who is the guy teaching edge-of-hand boxing?

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      Carl Cestari is ..was :( ..quite possibly THE best self-defense instructors that ever lived.

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      The chubby grey haired man teaching edge-of-hand boxing is Ralph Grasso. Anyone ever heard of him? I found him on youtube

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      Never heard of him . Likeed him though.

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      He claims he trained with cestari so does clint sporman

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      Never heard of the Clint fella either. Educate me here….DOUGHBOY

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      I believe he’s Clint S.P.O.R.M.A.N. for some reason his name appeared to be blocked (maybe damian doesn’t like him!) Anywho, Clint was Cestaris pupil like Chuck Norris was Bruce Lee’s. I dont know anything more bout Clint than I do Ralph. Ralph’s last name was banned too!

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      Oh, he’s Ralph G.R.A.S.S.O

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