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      Some BOB training tips. Pay attention. This stuff is thunder, cupcake.

      One thing I like to do is to take a Sharpie and mark BOB up with all kinds of tattoos all over his torso, face, and neck to resemble a member of the prison gang Aryan Brotherhood. Somethin about the Swastika that pulls even more rage out of the depth of my righteous soul.

      But this is just Step One. Step Two is Integrated Reality Based Realism Training For The Real World Practice, or IRBRTFTRWP for short.

      What I do is this: When me and my girlfriend go to bed at night, I place BOB in the bed with us. Not the base of it, just the torso – I found that the base really screwed up our sleep numbers.

      Can you imagine the rage I must feel when I awaken in the dark of night to find a member of the Aryan Brotherhood trying to rape my girlfriend?

      Great way to train. Plus, after utterly and viciously dismantling BOB – joined by my girlfriend who favors stabbing him in the eyes and then disembowling him – I find that my girlfriend are feeling a little frisky…

      Side note: Forget the Viagra fellas. You wanna blow your lady’s mind? You only need three things, a Richard Nixon mask, Kermit the Frog hand puppet, and a taser.

      So, just another idea for some reality-based training.

      Ok…I just pulled all that out of my ass…

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      That is excellent. Situation training and specifically training in places where you live and work are what has been termed “mind setting.” There’s a book by Rodney Strong called STRONG ON DEFENSE. He uses the term and we use it as well.

      The good thing about mind setting is that you only have to it a few times until you’re god to go.

      The car, a parking lot and entry and exit points of your home are good as well.

      Each year we practice the Family Safe Fire Drill. My kids are in their rooms and we go in and wake them, they get up and we meet at our spot outside the home.

      They know that if there’s a fire or a home invasion, they get out of the house as fast as possible. They also know what to do if they can’t get out of their door way as well.

      No real intensive training. Once a year for about 20 minutes and they know what to do.

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      Even when I’m joking i guess my keen sense of truth is still guiding me.

      If I had custody of my daughter, which I eventually may, I would train in her in all kinds of stuff repeatedly…beating the crap out of dummies, tuck and rolling off the roof, fast-roping from choppers…

      Hmm, maybe that’s why I don’t have custody.

      Anyhow, I agree with the notion of mind-setting. I never called it that, but same idea. I guess I even do it mentally when I’m out and about, imagining this or that happening, and my response. Mind-setting is contextualizing your training.

      The nice thing about visualization is that you can load any program you want, without actually having to find a physical location.

      BTW, I just ordered your Family Safe DVD, and I’ll go through that with my daughter when I get it. Apparently your marketing plan has me completely helpless in it’s clutches, as I am running out of material to buy. Well, it’s quality stuff.

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      Thanks, you’ll love it. We filmed it at my daughter’s school where we put kids through their paces. Its real simple stuff and just explains the danger in a matter of fact manner.

      They get it and understand that if one of a few rules is broken by a predator they’re gone. We also go through home invasion response which is basically, everybody, out of the house.

      Funny story, my daughter studies Judo with me and one day a kid a year older started playing with her a little too rough. When it hit the point of “enough is enough” she tripped him to the ground and held him on his back until he said “uncle”. Then they parted ways, no harm done.

      Daughter’s are tough to raise. I just don’t want her to be in a situation where she’s isolated with a predator. I’m lucky my wife and I are on the same page with this.

      The FAILSAFE is to make my daughter high maintenance. I open the door for her and make her expect certain behaviors from men. The best way I do this by treating her mom in the same manner. Kids are perceptive, they pick up every detail. They learn by example.

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      I’m getting the family safe as well. I’d like to compare your ideas with the plan I gave my kids. Should be interesting.

      On the other part of the conversation, I find visualization to be one of the best training tools. I try to suggest this often to the people I instruct. I am not sure they get it. I for one believe wholeheartedly.


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      They did a study with a basketball team at some college. Can’t remember all the details – just the outcome. One team practiced free throws for an hour every day. The other team visualized draining free throws for an hour every day. Afterwards, they both had about the same percentage improvement in free throw percentage. Around 22%, but don’t hold me to that.

      Visualization also prepares you for violence.

      Think about evil men, terrorists, and violent criminals. These guys are *visualizing* death and mayhem every damn day in their minds, they just may not consciously realize it. They wake up imagining murder and destruction in their minds. Actually doing it is the easy part, having conditioned their minds already.

      As the good guys, we too must condition our minds to inflict severe levels of extreme violence, however distasteful this may be. I visualize things to the extreme.

      Also, visualization can be applied anywhere at anytime to the terrain and environments directly around us. You can mentally train anywhere.

      I actually think visualization is more effective than physical training when it comes to preparing to administer extreme violence. You cannot actually do this to a dummy or to a person in training. I visualize the blood, the pain, the gore, and the madness. This is necessary however nice a person you may be.

      Some people think that being desensitized to violence is bad. I say it’s good. Violence is not itself good or bad. It is a tool. The only question is on what side of the moral divide one is employing violence. A good man who is desensitized to violence will not hesitate to brutally dispatch an evil man if it becomes necessary. He won’t hesitate. He won’t have that mental wall.

      Visualization is mental programming. When I visualize, I can actually feel it in my entire body as though I am there. I feel the focus and the emotion. It’s really nothing more than fantasy and imagination.

      But every sucessful person first visualized their success. And every violent criminal began by visualizing their pent up hurt, pain, anguish, and hatred unleashed on their victims.

      I really need to emphasize that point: Criminals are *always* visualizing the violence they are going to do to you. That’s why it’s so easy for them, and why they have no respect for human life. They just don’t consciously think of it as a training exercise in their mind. Their pain and anger drives their mental images.

      It drives mine as well. Except what pains and angers me is those preying upon the weak and helpless.

      Take visualization to the furthest extreme. It’s easier to dial it back then it is to dial it up. A sport mentality will not suffice in this respect. In fact, I often wonder how it’s possible for a guy to fight for sport. I’m not sure I’d know where to draw the line in my mind of violent intent.

      You know you’re visualizing correctly when you can feel the hatred consume you, and your muscles are literally twitching as you administer wrath. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined images. This is why your imagination will be accompanied by the same emotions as if it’s real.

      I also visualize defensively. I visualize getting hit square in the jaw with bats and bricks and tire irons, and gotdamn grand pianos falling on me, and whatever other kind of destruction. All to no avail. Just as I visualize a guy’s head exploding as I smash it, so too I visualize his fist disintegrating as it hits my chin.

      Some people are going to think I’m a sick, deranged son of a bitch. Nope, just a realist. Violence is a tool. It’s not good or evil. The execution of a serial killer is not equivalent to the execution-style serial killing. The world is ruled by force. Force = violence. For you Libs, this means that the most violent son of a bitch is rock boss, if you will.

      Might as well embrace the force. Visualize it.

      This is true of *anything* you intend to achieve in life. Want a sports car? Visualize it everyday.

      Fantasies come true. Fantasy, imagination, dreaming, visualization…it’s all the same.

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      I heard and used that free throw example since I was a kid, who knows if it ever happened, but it illustrates a fact: visualization works.

      I”m sure you heard of or read The Secret. Its has the similar message to the Alchemist in that we are living as a part of the universe, not as a separate being where events and things happen randomly.

      Thew one thing I want to point out to someone reading this thread is that visualization is not sitting and wishing. The sports car was a great example.

      If you sit and wish for that car, the universe will send you means to acquire that car. It will create opportunity for you. You just have to first recognize and seize the opportunity and second, get off your ass and do something. Everything in life is connected, including daily events. Every action has a reaction.

      Visualization in self defense is great. But if you’re not training and doing the physical work, you significantly decrease your success rate. Visualization only works with action.

      Things happen because of action, not success. Most times it take several failures to prepare you for victory. Each failure you learn more, prepare differently until ultimately, you’ve met your goal. It’s always a process.

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      [quote:2kyg2o80]If you sit and wish for that car, the universe will send you means to acquire that car. It will create opportunity for you. You just have to first recognize and seize the opportunity and second, get off your ass and do something. Everything in life is connected, including daily events.[/quote:2kyg2o80]

      I suppose I ought to have clarified that, or anyone with a Lotto ticket and the Home Shopping Network might have gotten the wrong idea.

      Visualization to practice is like the super on the natural.

      I think training on BOB is a great way to combine practice with visualization, since BOB looks like a real person. But visualization allows you to visit extreme violence upon the evil doer from a first person perspective. A person leery of violence will find it difficult to imagine stabbing someone, for example. Visualization helps break down psychological resistance.

      I have developed my powers of visualization to such a degree that I can actually visualize the consumption and digestion of edible matter in my mind without ever having to eat.

      In addition, I have also mastered a rare, secret technique known as the “evil-eye knockout,” where I stare at you from across the room with a really mean expression causing in you paralysis and unconsciousness.

      Anyhow, Mr. Ross, I have officially registered for your seminar on the 26th/27th. As Rush Limbaugh states, it is the job of the caller to make the host look good. I will remember this. Whatever you want to demonstrate, pressure point five finger death touch knock out, I’ll be out in two seconds tops. Maybe one and a half.

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      Look forward to it. It’s going to be a good weekend.

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      I do a lot of visualization on various self defense situations in which I counterattack viciously an opponent or several opponents armed and unarmed. I may go though the scenario with several different technique because we all know you can’t visualize what you will do and then follow it to the letter in actual combat. Also when I beat on BOB I see him as everybody who beat me up through the school. But now when I see any of these guys they seem a lot more respectful. I think with a couple,and I do mean just a couple it is maturity. With the others who still haven’t matured and stopped their asshole ways they comment on how much I have changed. Tattoos, earring, and weight training plus 30 years of martial arets and nasty training techniques like the SDC give you a different air about you.

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      We’re all animals. We can sense fear, confidence and sex. So when you have that confidence, people react to it.

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      Amen to that, brother. When you have that confidence and you have that attitude and inner calmless knowing you could rip this guy’s face apart, they tend to leave you alone. And if they don’t, rip their face apart. Sound a little brutal and bitter I know but like I said was bullied a lot in school and been in barroom brawls and back alley and street fights when I was younger. Many times it was not a fair fight, with multiple opponents. I got stomped bad when 3 carloads of guys jumped me. Now that I’ve been in martial arts and study combatives, I don’t seem to have much need to fight anymore. Which I’m glad about because I’m 55 years old.

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      Be right.

      Don’t be concerned with being a badass or a tough guy.

      Just be right.

      Maintain the moral highground. You have to have a reason to fight that is greater than your own ego. Defending the weak, protecting your life, etc.

      Fighting because of insults is bullshit. Not necessary…unless the insults become definite threats of imminent harm.

      Right makes might. I’m a firm believer in righteous wrath.

      When you’re right, then anything you do is going to be a product of honor, win or lose. No one is superman – except me – so if you could die, then you want it to be in defense of a higher ideal than your own ego.

      Confidence is irrelevant. It’s about right or wrong. If I see some chick being raped, do I really need confidence? Confidence is code for ego.

      If I see a person in need of help, then it is my *duty* regardless of how confident I happen to be feeling at the moment to step to that person’s aid.

      I like to think in terms of duty and responsibility rather than confidence. Confidence goes up and down. It’s a damn feeling. But if you submit your very life to higher ideals, then you are compelled to defend those ideals regardless of your feelings.

      Your ego is a false identity and an illusion. If you rely on it, it will take you up and then take you down. Instead, you must rely on those things which never wane, principles and higher moral ideals.

      I could be Chris Reeves in a wheelchair – not a whole lot of confidence in that position – but if I see some kid being kidnapped or something then I’ll roll my damn wheelchair into that asshole. Actually, he might have been a quadrapalegic…bad example.

      Don’t think in terms of confidence, think in terms of duty.

      It is your duty to kick ass and defend what is right and protect the weak.

      You see this illusion of confidence in sports. Guys get it up for one game, and they’re down for the next. Or they go up and down through-out the game.


      Because they’re relying on their egos – their confidence, or how they feel at any given time – instead of relying on a sense of personal responsibility and duty to carry out their assignment in that game.

      For example, if you’re a defensive end, it’s your *duty* to stay in your lane and carry out your assignment with full intensity every play. Your confidence or lack thereof is irrelevant. It is your duty on the field.

      I think that if people think in terms of duty then their own feelings become irrelevant.

      Who gives a shit if you feel confident? That only matters if you’ve got a chip on your shoulder and you’re goin around lookin for fights. In this case, the guy you’re pickin on will have a duty to kick *your* ass.

      Confidence comes and goes. Sometimes I feel like I’m a step behind, or tired – no one feels confident when they’re tired as hell. But duty supersedes feeling. You carry out your responsibility because it’s your duty.

      Confidence is irrelevant. Confidence is a feeling. And when you are in the right, it doesn’t matter how you feel. You’re right. You are the Lord’s avenging angel, as it were. You have been deputized by simple decency to act.

      I don’t look around sizing people up like, “wonder if I could kick that guy’s ass.”

      I. Don’t. Care.

      Cuz if that guy tries to impose himself on me or anyone else, I don’t care if he’s a damn grizzly bear, he’s goin down. It’s the only option because right does not lose.

      There is a power that comes from being right and knowing it. You’ve got to know it.

      Confidence is bullshit. Your life doesn’t belong to you it belongs to whoever needs it.

      You have a duty to fight for what is right.

      There’s the saying that the only thing needed for evil men to prevail is for good men to remain silent.

      I disagree: A good man who remains silent is not a good man.

      Think duty not confidence. Don’t worry about if you can kick this guy’s ass or that guy’s ass. Doesn’t matter. Just concern yourself with maintaining moral clarity and commitment to personal integrity.

      When you’re wrong, admit it. If you have the strength of character to admit when you’re wrong and to apologize, then kickin ass when you’re right is more likely. Two sides of the same righteous coin.

      Kill your ego. Duty, not confidence.

      In other words, discipline, not confidence. Discipline is about kicking your own ass, not others’. If you can kick your own ass, you can defeat anyone.

      As Eminem said on his latest release “Recovery,” in reference to having gotten over his pill habit:

      [quote:3jzz6r5z]I feel like I’m morphin,
      into something so incredible, that I’m dwarfin’
      All competitors[/quote:3jzz6r5z]

      That’s what happens when you kick your own ass. To do that, you have to impose what’s right on what’s wrong with you. Being right means becoming right. It’s a discipline.

      Now go kick yourself in the ass and then knee yourself in the testicles.

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      Since I am now 55 and a lot mellower I am more prone to defend , especially my loved ones and good friends which I have very few. As for ego, life has a way of knocking you down a peg or two when you need it. And since I have bad knees and an artificial hip, I may look tough but I am too old and beat up to scrap unless necesary. Fortunately it has not beeen a necessity in many years. Of which I am grateful. With age comes wisdom and hopefully more common sense.

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      My definition of toughness is this:

      Toughness is the ability to withstand distraction.

      So, don’t let age distract you. You, sir, are a Medicare Maniac. You *are* the Social Security lockbox. Even with your Walker…Texas Ranger. The Geriatric who buries bladders. Hospice Hitman. The Nursing Home None-Of-Your-Gotdamn-Business. The Hoveround Hammer. The Metamucil Mercenary.

      You get the idea.

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      Yeah, I get the idea. I don’t need the judgmental attitude or disrespect.
      Lonebear out.

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      No offense, Lonebear. I was trying to lighten it up a bit.

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      It’s cool man. Talk to you later.

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