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      Hi Damian,

      Delville Tuckett from Australia here how are you? :D Mate was just wondering if you could give me some advice please? I am looking at buying a Bob xl from and wanted to know if you think this is a good piece of equipment to buy? I know this might sound like a bit of a stupid question, (as i know they are good) but i only ask because the one from century is a little different to the one that you use in you training dvd’s(as it has a different stand etc..) and wanted to make sure i was spending my money wisely?

      Hope you are well mate! i really love the training dvd’s, I just recieved module 11 and it is awsome!! As always mate you are doing a fantastic job and i am honoured to have you as my instructor!

      kindest regards
      Delville Tuckett

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      Get it. There are two on the market, the TOD and the BOB. Both are fine.

      Get the BOB.

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      You can read a review of it here: Century BOB Body Opponent Review[/url:2ed3n5gk

      I’m very happy with my BOB XL – you are welcome to ask if you’ve got any questions regarding the BOB.

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      I use the BOB XL I am very happy with it and I like that it is heavier. I still hit it hard enough I have to chase it around but that is actually a plus. Nobody stands still so you can hit them.

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      I have a Bob as well; I find it wonderful. He can take a real beating and is great for targeting body parts. Well worth the money if you train at home.

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