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Boy stops pitbull with rear naked choke!!!

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      You never know when your skills are going to come in handy. In the news recently a 9 year old boy stopped a pitbull with a rear naked choke.

      The full story is here:

      If this story is accurate, the kid hung on for around 20 minutes!!!! Even 2 minutes is a long time. I know his family and his instructor must be proud. Not for the technique, but for the compulsion to save another human being in trouble.


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      That is a exceptional boy. Courage and a level head. I wonder if he knocked the dog out or what the details are. @0 mins with a struggling dog is forever. But then again he may have pinned it to the ground with his weight and restricted it movements. Good show all the way around.

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      but i think the dog tapped.

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      Damian wrote:
      but i think the dog tapped.[/quote:25g1972w]


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      haha dog tapped. Thats amazing. At such a young age.

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      It just goes to show: WILL means more than SKILL.

      In martial arts and self defense, we always talk about technique. While the right techniques is important, I will take a highly motivated person over a highly trained person any day.

      What I liked most about the story is that the kid stepped up.

      Welcome to the forum Brian.

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