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Bullshit Episode is airing next Thursday, June 24th @ 10pm

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      Just a head ups that the episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit is airing next Thursday, June 24th. A week from this Thursday.

      All they have to do is show us training and I’ll be :D . If not, I may have to go to Vegas…

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      The trailer is up on the site. We’re not on it, but this person is….

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      Wow. Well she is kinda funny. There edit sure made her out to be a numskull and well she is a numskull.

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      I liked that lady. I’d do a class with her.

      Now, I wouldn’t classify what she’s doing as “martial,” but that kind of movement is pretty damn relaxing and meditative. I can see where doing that everyday would make one a more relaxed person, physically and mentally.

      Not only that, but moving like that conditions your body with a certain grace. My sisters were both ballerinas and I, being 100 percent real man totally secure in my manhood, would often practice stuff with them. That stuff is similar to Tai Chi. It might look gay, but gracefully moving your body and elegantly controlling it is not as easy as it looks. Great for balance too.

      For example, you could throw a side kick real fast, and it’d be easier to keep your balance than if you threw it in super slow motion.

      No doubt they edited the footage of this lady for the most ridiculous looking footage, but I see nothing wrong with what she’s doing.

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      Understood, after all it is entertainment.

      It’s funny you mentioned your sisters. My sister was a professional ballet dancer in NYC. And I thought my training was tough. They would work out for 6 to 8 hours on nothing but coffee and cigarettes.

      Now my sister is a premier pilates instructor (google kathi ross-nash it’s pretty cool).

      Dancing is tough, but I have to be careful with my friends because when I say Dancer they think LAP not BALLET.

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      I found this particularly inspiring:

      [u:37j1jgp9Concentration Frees The Mind[/u:37j1jgp9][/url:37j1jgp9]

      One thing I’m targeting more personally is flexibility. I want to make it more extreme. I’d like to be able to do the splits, for example. Just for the hell of it. I find that stretching gives my body a feeling that running and muscle working doesn’t. It’s another dimension of fitness. Increases range of motion and so forth. Makes the muscles more effective.

      I admire these Pilates and Yoga people with how they are able to manipulate and control their bodies. Pretty amazing stuff to me. I just want the stretch though, since I’m already getting plenty of workouts.

      In addition, have you ever met a serious Pilates or Yoga person who was a real negative asshole? I haven’t. That stuff really does benefit the mind.

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      There’s something to that, it’s rare to find a world class athlete who is an asshole, but oh yes, they do exist, you just have to search more.

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      So, I watched the episode and I thought it was pretty good. Other than your one answer that they edited, I thought they made you look pretty good. At least they didn’t rip into you.

      When that lady was doing her shoulder movements (like she got shot in the back, then shot in the chest) and they played that Billy Jean riff over it, I was hysterical!

      Nice to see you giving BOB what for.

      Good job!


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      Thanks Rob, we were happy overall. I thought they could have done a lot better with the show. Maybe have an actual defense attorney commenting on the law, or a ninja or two. Heck, even a death touch experts would have been great.

      All in all, we’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.

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