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      Well I like how I looked on the show, but for crying out loud they bashed everybody accept Marc “the Animal” MacYoung which doesn’t piss me off so much since I’ve seen how they do a show, but MacYoung teaches similar stuff. He talks about surviving bar fights, improvised weapons, and close combat.

      Avoid a bad situation no shit that is a good idea wish we taught people that, oh right that is mentioned right off.

      Most martial arts is bullshit for self defense tell us something we don’t know Marc. Should you know the law? Sure everyone should, but hey we’re talking worst case scenario here. I’d rather face down 12 than be carried by 6.

      Also Marc is out whoring all his own books and stuff and he sold his stuff through Paladin Press the same people who sell books for patriots and survivors on everything from deadly marksmanship to savage knife fighting. Never mind all the books on combat training and working as a mercenary. Other people’s ethics didn’t seem to bother him to much than and Paladin never restricted who could buy their material. I bought most of my books on combat martial arts through them as a civilian.

      Keep in mind I like the guy…

      Still I think the system came off looking lethal even if they framed things how they wanted (surprise surprise).

      Also as someone who has cleaned his teacher’s dojo and done a host of other things I never thought of it as degrading. Abusing your students isn’t good for anyone though.

      Tai Chi is relaxing and fun, but keep in mind any moron can teach it.

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      Phil Elmore of the http://www.theMartialist.dom responded to Penn and Teller’s EXPOSE on the show Bullshit. Take a look, it’s an insightful read on the show.

      PART 1
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Korbc6UC … re=related

      PART 2
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lsr0tmOx … re=related

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      OK we did our editing on the Penn and Teller spot…


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