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      Quite a title yes? OK I will explain..

      Can I, a civillian claim to be the sheepdog that Col Dave Grossman talks about when addressing military and LEO men? Understand that I am not BEING A SHEEP in asking this, some mindless minion who needs someone else’s permission to define himself as he sees fit. Not I’d like your opinion on it. That is all. See I know that there are a few people here who are or were military or L.E. That profession AUTOMATICALLY deserves and merits the honourable title.

      But I am a civillian who does part-time construction and other manual labor jobs. I train to myself, sure. But I know of no guy who can call himself a real man who trains in self-defense only for his own “self”. True self-defense means intention and readiness to protect loved ones. Kin. Clan, tribe.

      Of course that has ALWAYS been my reason for training, starting out in TKD 26 years ago. But, can I appropriately call myself a sheepdog if I train in the SDTS in your opinion(s)?

      I’d LIKE to. Not for ego-based reasons.

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      In my humble opinion, a sheep dog is someone who is aware of his/her surrounds, aware of the threats available, & has taken steps to counter those threats when they come their way. That can take the form of being a good witness gathering the necessary information needed by police to having the skills needed for taking physical action and using them accordingly, even if it

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      That I could’nt agree with more Kirk. The sheep mentallity is from people whose thought was “Well, I don’t think *I* could handle a violent, life-threatening situation, so I’ll attempt to drive that confidence out of everyone else…I’m scared and fearful so I’ll make all of YOU that too!”.

      Know what I love best of all with that stupidity? That they will call anyone training in THIS “fearful”!

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      Not only can civilians be sheep dogs they are the main sheep dogs protecting the sheep in society. Whenever something goes down the true first responder is a civilian sheep dog. Why? because simply we are there. Be it another shooting massacre, terriost strike or attempt natural disaster or major accident. Sheep dogs are there….sometimes. Most of our society are sheep.

      The real question is as a sheep dog are we ready? Because as a sheep dog we cant do nothing when the shit hits the fan its not in our nature. So accepting this what do we need to do to be ready?

      In my opnion a prepared sheep dog has a ccw and carries ever day and every where they can. They have a small first aid kit with there person and better more equiped ones in there car and home. And have formal training in first aid and trauma. A sheep dog is in excellent shape with good cardio and strength program. And of course a excellent RBSD program.

      Further tactical training is also a option as well as “survalist type ” training just in case society falls for a bit or forever even as unlikely as it is.

      Perhaps the best way to put it is a prepared sheep dog would be a civilian commando with paramedic training.

      They truth is most sheep dogs are not prepared. Hell most sheep dogs dont even know they are one until there needed. Then they do the best they can with the skill set they have at the time. But a sheep dog has to help like I said its there nature and the sheep need us.

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      History shows that time and time again; when crap hits the fan, its someone on scene already that usually ends it. One does not have to be paranoid, but you can never be too ready. Like the Boy Scouts say – “Be Prepared.”

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      Semper Paratus

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