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Can you show stuff using a pocket folder knife?

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      Damian, I would like to see some stuff on using a pocket folder that most guys carry.

      Billy Ellis

      SDTS Module 9 Bill.

      BTW – the issue with a pocket folder is getting it out. If you don;t have it in your hand, ready to go BEFORE the contact – you might as well leave it home. In module 9 we show you a ton of other tools you can use.

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      Dallas Williams

      Another issue with many pocket knives is they don’t lock into place when open so the blade may bend back and cut off your fingers before you do any major damage to your attacker. I have and use one my father gave to me that was given to him by my grandfather, but I don’t use or carry it for self defense and as Damian said nor would I recommend it.

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      James Goolsby

      Unfortunately for me, departmental policy requires that I carry a folder, 4″ blade. No straight/rigid allowed (apparently it appears “too aggressive”.) Therefore, I carry one in my support side pocket and one in my strong side boot. Damian is right; unless it’s deployed in advanced it’s tough to get it out in a fight. I suppose I carry them more for peace of mind. The reality is, much like my back-up gun, if it gets to the point where I’m going for my folder I’m in a world of shit anyway! Frown

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      There may be ways around certain things Jim.

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