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      I’d love to see you discuss how to train for fighting as much as is possible WITHOUT a training partner. On another, somewhat unusual subject: some people training in Chinese or Japanese arts (e.g. doing the sanchin kata) have become able to take powerful blows to vital points without damage; maybe some time you could write about that.

      Best regards

      Ken Bolland (I got my Ph. D. in physics from Lehigh!)

      First “Go Mountain Hawks” – OK now that’s out of the way.

      Ken we get this question a lot. The funny thing thing is you kind of contradicted yourself with your question – How does someone train alone and can you get physical benefits from kata (an exercise you do alone).

      But I know what you’re asking so I’ll get to it.

      Training Alone –

      I get this a lot because there is a need in martial arts, specifically combat sports to need a partner. If this was MMA, wrestling, BJJ, boxing, or any other combat sport a training partner is a MUST. You need one because your sport depends on your ability to apply techniques with in a certain set of rules based on safety.

      The SDTS is more like firearms training. Shooting at a live target is mechanically the same as shooting at a paper target. Unlike martial arts, to develop confidence in your technique you need to go 100%.
      This is beyond the tap. WAY beyond the tap.
      Let me ask you, how do you practice an eye gouge? I’m sure sticking your thumb in your partner’s eye is what you think, but there’s a couple of inches between making someone uncomfortable and making them go into shock. In the SDTS you train to squeeze, to dig, to hit, to rip with 100% power and speed.

      The other half of the question is: are training partners any good?

      Yes. They give you motivation and confidence in your technique and I recommend, if you can, grabbing a friend and “trying” some of your newly acquired SDTS skills. But please, a not of caution- be careful.

      Is it important to spar and grapple? Well any grappling skill will make your SDTS better and getting hit will inoculate you to the reality of what it feels like to be hit. A perfect program would look like SDTS, Judo for 3 months and boxing for 3 months. Rotate the Judo and Boxing every few months while you train in the SDTS and you’re going to be an ANIMAL.

      Sanchin and other katas.

      OK there are several reasons why people can take direct blows to their body.
      1. Body Conditioning
      This is the method of developing the body to take and deliver massive punishment. We do this EXTENSIVELY in SDTS Module 6. In fact, it’s an importan part of your training.
      2. Genetics.
      Some people are just born tougher with a higher threshold for pain. I’ve trained young girls who had NO reaction to a pain pressure point and other people who’s joints were so flexible that pain compliance joint holds had no effect on them.
      3. Bullshit.
      Plain old trickery and bullshit. Baking boards, no cement in concrete block, frozen seltzer for ice breaks. The list goes on and on.

      Are there physical benefits from Sanchin? Sure, just the same as yoga and other methods of exercise that require the prolonged contraction of muscles and deep breathing.

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