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      Does anyone have the old school dvds off of
      I’m thinking of picking them up and wondering how they are?

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      You can get them at

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      Thanks Damian, I’m just wondering how they are in terms of content, I’ll order them but was just wondering how the material is as I’ve heard many great things about Mr. Cestari but no info on the DVDs.

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      Its him, he’s awesome. That’s it. The production quality is awful, the sound is horrible, the lighting sucks but the info is top notch.

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      Found some striking target XXXXXX out of China with free shipping to anywhere in the world. My friend bought a few first and then I got one in black. Price was cheap. I have seen others that were made of real leather but for what I do it works just fine. Martial arts stuff is on this page https://www.XXXXXXor you can click through from the main page at

      Just thought I would tell other people in case anyone out there was looking for some.

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      You can also pick up a par of Rubber “chucks”. Listen, if you want to promote your business, just PM me.

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      What does this have to do with Carl Cestari’s DVDs?

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      Nothing. Sometimes people try to promote their sites by pretending to be an unsolicited testimonial.

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      Ok, I found it strange. :D” title=”Laughing” />

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      The site belongs to Damian. He pays the bills so we can chat. So be polite and don’t advertise some else’s stuff. Ain’t nuthin’ better anyhow.


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      Steve, I think you missed the boat on this one. lol

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      Maybe I did, but I was responding to MyBigEyeFis post, nothing about the carl cestari website.

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      I have Carl Cestari”s old school DVDs. They are good and informative though the quality and lighting is poor. However I will say that it is also the same stuff you get from the SDC. You will find a little extra stuff and Carl’s wisdom in them. Again they are good and I’m glad I got them.

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      Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback.

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      Hello Damian,

      I have been waiting for a reply to my post “New to this, have some questions. Can someone please reply?



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      Sure, what’s up?

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      If it wasn’t for Carl and his early postings on com combatives websites and his video’s It would have taken me quite a bit longer to discover him and his products. I also discovered Fairbain and Applegate from Carl.I like to find out where instructors influence’s come from and see who has picked up these insights Like Mr.Ross and is holding on to these tried and true combative influences. There is a reason he is only One of two whom Carl deemed acceptable.

      Daren Williams

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