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      As much as a person trains their body, they ought to train their character. I get the sense that there are people out there looking for an excuse to use what they’re learning. This, however, is antithetical to the whole notion of self-defense.

      HONESTY and DISCIPLINE are the two building blocks of character. HONESTY says, “what the hell is my problem?” “why am I insecure?” “what do I have to prove?” and then answers honestly.

      DISCIPLINE implements what HONESTY acknowledges. DISCIPLINE is the action to HONESTY’S realization.

      As important as it is to discipline the body, I think disciplining one’s character is equally important. If you’re walking around with a chip on your shoulder then you’re a fool. We are all human; no man is superman, so you’d better be 100% in the right if you fight.

      I believe that right makes might. I believe in never surrendering the moral highground to my ego.

      There is a power in a man who knows he’s right – he is a dangerous man. But the man in the wrong has it coming and, on some level, he knows this. This is a weak position.

      This is why when I am wrong I admit it. Admitting it to myself is HONESTY, admitting it to someone I wronged is DISCIPLINE.

      I’m human and occasionally I overreact to someone. Instead of feeling compelled to stubbornly maintain my morally compromised position, I prefer to take responsibility.

      This is important because you MUST always remain in the right. This means that you exercise courtesy and honor, that you are polite and defer to others. Not that you run around feeling like a character in a damn action movie wanting to test your skills. Get in a ring for that.

      Your CHARACTER is the preeminent thing. This is why I appreciate Mr. Ross’s advice to train honestly. This honesty doesn’t just end at your tactics and techniques, but it extends to your motivation.

      Ultimately it is your CHARACTER that will make or break you, and not your physical skills.

      Most physical confrontations can easily be deescalated if you don’t respond like a jackass, in kind. For example, I find that saying nothing at all, while remaining emotionless, tends to freak people out. A temper is a sign of weakness, not strength. I’ve always had a temper, and I drew power from my anger, and then I realized that it was too easy to manipulate my anger against me.

      Your CHARACTER is your foundation. CHARACTER involves morality, not just toughness. There is no morality without HONESTY and DISCIPLINE. HONESTY recognizes the moral highground, and DISCIPLINE takes that hill at all costs…to self.

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      Very well said Prevail.

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      Dude your words and wisdom is friggen insane and awesome!

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      I’ve got to say that’s a helluva compliment.

      Ironically, wisdom is a bit insane.

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