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      Brought to you by and

      This just in from our web security team…

      MySpace revealed that 90,000 registered sex offenders have been kicked off its site in the past two years. Evidence suggests that a portion of them are now on Facebook.

      Many of you proud parents are posting pics of your kids first day of school. Please take a look at them closely. Bus numbers and school with districts on the side, school names, house numbers in the background. Take them down and be aware!

      Once a predator can connect you with your child, all they need are a few basic details regarding pets, vacation and employment tto convince your child to let them in your home, pick them up from school or leave your neighborhood.

      The fix is simple but will take some thought:
      Remove references to locations of schools, vacations, work, street numbers, names of children, pets and schools.

      Eliminate dates and time of both future and past events.

      Anything that can give someone your location and details about you or your children must be eliminated.
      DON’T Trust your friends. Chances are that person you knew in grammar school is NOT the SAME!

      Choose your friends wisely and mke sure only THEY can view your information.

      Surf Safely,

      The Self Defense Company

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