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      One reason I keep myself in great shape and train in efficient self-protection is because I think it’s important to remember that you are not the only guy you have to protect.

      My biggest regret from my childhood, in school, is that I didn’t stand up for the kids that were being picked on.

      I really, really despise seeing the strong prey upon the weak. There is something that goes off in my brain when I see this.

      We’ve all seen the stories and perhaps witnessed these things ourselves. Groups of people attacking one person, muggings, stick-ups, whatever.

      The chance of me being attacked personally is pretty slim, although it’s completely possible, because I maintain a pretty high level of awareness and courtesy. No one’s gunnin for me because of drug or gambling debts, for example. Most of self-protection is the unspoken signals you’re sending. I think even Dr. Phil said that 90% or something of communication is non-verbal. I’m very polite and gracious but I know that people know that if they’re going to get crazy it’s not going to be pleasant.

      But I sure as hell ain’t walkin away if I see someone being attacked or robbed or ganged up on. This is my primary motivation for training. This is why cardiovascular training is also important to me because if there’s a lot of people involved I’m going to have to be mobile for an extended period of time.

      But I believe that practitioners of self-protection shouldn’t just limit that protection to self. Yes, it is a very dangerous thing to willing enter conflict and combat. But to me, there are higher principles involved.

      I’d honestly rather die or be harmed than have to wake up knowing I left someone to their fate.

      I cannot really articulate how much I despise those who prey upon the weak. It really pisses me off. I can take insults and threats. Fine. But you wanna snatch a kid or take ten guys and jump someone or whatever, I’ve got a present for you.

      In this type of scenario, I’m the guy with the initiative and surprise element. I get to choose the approach and so forth. So it’s not as dangerous as it may first appear.

      I think it’s a mistake to label predators as cowards. We do not strike preemptively because we are cowards, but because we’re not mentally retarded. Same with criminals, rapists, and so on. Many of them are indeed cowards, but many of them are simply students of convenience. Courage is not something you exercise just for the hell of it, it’s a product of necessity. If you assume that all bangers and crooks are cowards, you may be a little surprised and you have the wrong frame of mind.

      Relying on intimidation is a huge mistake. I have a saying that the intimidator who fails to intimidate becomes intimidated. Rely on principles, not fear.

      My favorite boxing match of all time was when Buster Douglas dismantled Mike Tyson…physically and psychologically. He exposed a huge weakness in Tyson’s character and, frankly, exposed him as a fraud. Tyson got used to winning fights by instilling fear in his opponents and maintaining this illusory aura of invincibility. Douglas got in the ring with him and didn’t just beat him but shattered his whole image. Mike Tyson’s power came from his fear and he was never the same after that fight because he was like the house built on sand. And then the storm named Douglas came. I think Tyson’s fate was sealed when Douglas took his best shot, went down, got up and put Tyson out on the mat. Douglas slapped the canvas when he went down, pissed off cuz he knew he made an error – there was no fear there.

      Fear is simply a bluff that you must call.

      You are not what you feel, you are what you believe. So if you can feel fear and still act, then fear is irrelevant, because your belief is stronger. Feelings are a deception. Courage is simply a belief.

      And I believe in protecting people from assholes. I don’t wander around looking for assholes, but anyone in my immediate vicinity who needs help is going to get it, I’ll tell you that.

      I want to be in the best possible condition mentally and physically to protect others. You can’t rely upon the police – even if they give a crap – because even 30 seconds could be the difference for someone.

      So consider yourself deputized by honor to protect those around you, in addition to yourself.

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      Damn dude, the hell are you? A reincarnation of King Solomon! Now you’re the type of people I’d look up to if I could choose a role model, honestly. You’re by far one of the mose wise people I’ve come across. And this is a Self-Defense forum!

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      Your words alone truely are a source of motivation

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      Remember: This is the internet. I could be a weird friggin fruitcake in real life.

      What I enJOY (the word “JOY” must be capitalized at all times) is inspiring others to overcome and to build their character. Every person contains within them the seeds of greatness – even sleazy lowlifes. We all have a choice to access that greatness. I simply present the option.

      A wise man said that every man contains a king and a fool, and the one you speak to comes out. This is even applicable to self-protection because if you can speak to the king in a guy who’s actin the fool you’d be surprised how his behavior will change. Not always – there’s always the fools who have to be put down – but I think the majority of assholes are not beyond redemption.

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