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      About 20 seconds in, the cop is gassed. He’s got nothing behind his strikes. Meanwhile the bad guy is catching his breath, gaining strength and mounting an attack while the cop has literally “punched himself out”.

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      James Goolsby

      I don’t think a lot of people realize just how fast you can “gas out” in a real fight. I was absolutely shocked at how quickly I ran out of energy when I got in my first really hard one. And for you guys who think, “I’ll be okay cuz I run marathons” be careful… a fight is a totally different energy balance than working out. At the time of mine, I was in so-called peak shape, right out of the police academy, and I could run a mile and a half virtually without breaking a sweat. But I don’t care how much cardio you do, it’s not the same. Will it help? Of course; that’s why we do it. But again, it’s not the same. For me, 45 minutes on a treadmill was roughly the equivalent to 45 SECONDS in a fight. It’s totally different animal!

      So, keep working out (Mod 7 is amazing for that.) Build your cardio and your strength. But, more importantly, keep working on your SDTS Combatives and beating the hell out of BOB. This way you have a much better chance of ending the fight BEFORE you have time to “gas out”.

      Stay safe.

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      Dallas Williams

      Amen James, that’s always been a fear of mine too. I work out too cardio, strength, and SDTS training but that fear is always in the back of my mind about gassing out in a real fight should it drag on longer than you anticipated. People think mma training can get you in shape to handle a real fight and it definetly helps, but mma or boxing matches are still different than a real all out street brawl because the fighters are still fighting and expending energy at a somewhat controlled pace(pacing themselves and conserving energy) rather than going all out 100 percent the whole time. That’s why it’s all important to drill SDTS combinations on the BOB full force for as long and intensely as you can, that way you’re at least somewhat used to the intensity and energy required for an all out fight and more importantly more prepared and more likely to end the fight within a very few seconds with a KO before that has a chance to happen. As Carl Cestari said “Do your worst fast and first.”

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      On the middle school wrestling team we had a kid who used to run marathons. He was in 8th grade and I was shocked at how tired he would get in a match. I figured, shit the kid can run almost 30 miles, but he CAN’T MAKE IT THROUGH A 6 MINUTE MATCH!

      Then I realized there’s different types of shape.

      Being in a position to train all sorts of people you realize that looks aren’t always what they seem.

      Body builders were probably the most shocking.

      Huge guys with a lot of muscle mass run out of juice VERY FAST. I mean like going from normal to completely exhausted in a matter of minutes.

      Like James says, in a fight it hits you hard. That adrenaline sucks up the oxygen in your blood quick fast. You think you’re hitting hard (but you’re not).

      It’s scary.

      One of my better students in the Oakland, NJ School was a local cop. He reached out to me after he got into a roll around with a construction worker who was having a fight with his girlfriend. The subject was about 5’8″, powerful build but chunky. Frank started wrestling him, finally got him face down BUT WAS TOO TIRED TO SPEAK ON THE RADIO!

      Hearing this the entire department showed up because they thought Frank was dead.

      Plan on spending A LOT of energy.

      Train hard, extended bursts and fast recovery. You’re going full out for 30 seconds with 10 second rest.

      Do those rounds on your training dummy for about 6 to 10 minutes and tell me how you feel.

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      really, everything has already been said. but my 2 cents, zi can only stress again how different a fight like we’re talking about is different from anything out there.

      personally, wow i have a long story, but to sum up, i’ve always been an intense person, and in recent years I’ve discovered i have strong norwegian heiritage, so i’ve been meditating on my ancestors, the profession of viking, what it took and how berserkers were different than normal viking troops, and tapping into that ferocity to add to my varied and diverse background.

      i’m now seeking to help people touch their dark, intense, primal place inside.
      i believe that if you’re not able to tap into that, you’re self defense is lacking.

      its why, in the SDTS, we have the BOB, its why we hit things and hard, its why we body condition.. to start to develop that ability to tap into that reptilian brain.

      do your WORST, fast and FIRST.

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