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      Hi Damian,

      I have an instructor with a 10 lesson self defense course in my area.I wanted to know if it was better buying all your dvds or attending the classes? Which one would be more effective. Since Iam currently a little short on cash I would prefer you tell me which ONE I would have to choose. I understand the classes maybe good and the dvds may supplement the training but I can currently choose only one. So please do let me know ASAP

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      We always recommend the DVD Program first. The Professional SDC Instructors use the SDTS DVD system as a valuable learning tool. The SDTS DVD program is like your text books.

      In a perfect world you would do both but with the DVDs you have the entire curriculum so instead of getting a handful of lessons, you have everything.

      Once your $$ gets together and you want to experience hands on instruction, get to it.


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      Ok Damian, I also wanted to know, you have a grading system etc for instructors. Do they have a more specialised course than what is being sold? I dont intend to be an instructor but I would like to know if they have a few more modules for themselves than we get . If thats the case I would prefer going for that.

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      There are 4 levels of certified instructor.

      Level 1 Escape and Evasion (Module 5 and 60 minute self defense, 10 lesson Self Defense)
      100 hours teaching and training plus certification
      Level 2 Essential Self Defense and Advanced Strikes (Modules 1 and 2)
      150 hours teaching and training plus certification
      Level 3 Ground fighting and Grabs and Holds (Module 3 and Module 4)
      150 hours teaching and training plus certification
      Level 4 Weapons Offense and Defense, Combat Take downs and Guardian Defensive Tactics (Module 8, 9, 10 and Guardian Defensive Tactics
      150 hours teaching and training plus certification

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      Thanks for the reply, I have started my 10 day lesson FYI. Its pretty good, I also wanted to know if the instructor course is better than the normal one? Can I order the instructor course in that case or should I just stick to the 12 module course?

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      The instructor course is a business and certification course. The technical curriculum is the same.

      Get the 12 Modules of the SDTS.

      Then if you want to start teaching, you can get information about that or if you develop a relationship with Steve, that can work too.

      The instructor programs are about how to teach the curriculum, building a self defense business and getting you certified. There are NO different techniques are videos except one details how to teach the 10 lesson course.

      The SDTS along with your training is the ultimate combination.

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      I have purchased the whole system yesterday. I just wanted to know though, is it necessary to have BOB while training or a punching bag? I have neither and am not sure that I will be getting on in the near future. Also I wanted to know if I go through the whole program once, will I need to watch it again to refresh my memory or is it something that gets ingrained the first time you watch? I know its difficult to answer that but what I mean is are the techniques sort of the types you need to go through every once in a while lest you forget them?

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      First of all, Thank You.

      For equipment: If you have a choice, get the training dummy first. This will allow you the most versatility and it’s easy to install. Fill with sand and go. This is instead of hanging the heavy bag which can get pretty expensive.

      Also, in the master manual you’re going to see a list of equipment that you can get cheap. Anything from a heavy bag (good for practicing techniques on Module 3) and stuff you can pick up at the local hardware store.

      The whole thing is designed so you can do it yourself on a serious budget. Let me know when you get it and what other questions you have.


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      Cool !! Im gonna surely let you know my thoughts. I just came across the Keysi Fighting method. I wanted your thoughts on it, is it really effective and how well would a proponent work against an attacker from the Keysi method if that were to ever happen?

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      I don’t know anything about the Keysi method other than that is was used in the fight choreography of the new Batman Movies.

      I don;t know any history of it or what units/people in front line situations have even trained in the stuff.

      To tell you the truth, I don’t follow a lot of whats out there. I used to but after I got hold of the material in the SDTS, I stopped looking. I know what works, so why bother.

      If this were a sport, there are always new trends and rule changes that force you to keep researching but with real kill or be killed stuff, nothing has changed since Cain brained Abel with a rock.

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      Now I know what you mean by stop looking further. I got the entire 12 modules in record time. I just went through a few of the DVDs and all I can say is this, I was afraid of conflict before due to the fear of getting MY ass kicked now after getting your system (IN FULL) Im still scared of conflicts due to the fear of getting the attacker killed.

      What a sweet difference in perception, I actually look at any guy, big, small,fat,thin , bodybuilder,MMA expert and still know that if I get pissed and use SDTS on them, I may kill the poor guy (if I wanted) or just break a few bones. I actually wanna avoid conflicts now out of pity for the other guy.

      Thanks Damian, what a sweet f&*&^ing program. Thanks a lot !!!

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      :D YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just made my week.

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      Dude, Iam so tempted to watch module 3 also , especially after checking the contents on the site. Ground fighting. I was wondering how you had said escape from a crowd in module 2, so I watched it again and well with the elbow strike series I guess it becomes more clear. It isnt just what you show, its how we choose to use it. A lot of your strikes are familiar but you put it into a lot of perspective and show us how and when to use it. But im sure module 3 and above will have a lot of info I never thought of. Damian I swear I feel like I could take out freakin Jason Bourne with this. And just to think I was asking you about the Keysi method. I dont wanna degrade or disrespect any system that people have worked hard to put up but seriously I just wanna take this opportunity to warn a lot of ppl. I practice the SDTS by Damian Ross and you best not fuck with me.

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      You got it. The the techniques are the tool, the system is how you use those tools. Hell there isn’t a new “strike” under the sun. Ever since Cain hit Abel with a rock man has been trying to figure out the best way to hit, gouge, bite, strangle and break his fellow man. All we do is put the proven methods based on effectiveness, ease of use and ease of recall into a tactically sound program.

      It should make sense to anyone with common sense. It’s not complicated…it can’t be.

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      Was that for real ? But I have to tell you, I’ve had one of the questions I had to ask, answered. It was about BOB, I saw BOB at a sports supply store and was thinking about getting it, it’s not the full length version but it is better than nothing. I have a question for you Damian, can I get the modules separate ?? I sure wish there was a school out here in the Phoenix area.


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      Yes, that was for real and yes you can. Just sign up for the free trial and you can get them one at a time. The system is progressive so in order to do module 8, you’ll need the skills on module 1.

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      To anyone who reads this, Iam the most skeptical person when someone makes tall claims. I dont have a lot of money or time to blow up on something I just want to prove wrong. I watched the DVDs of the SDTS and felt very strongly about it. I vouch 100% for this. The strikes are simple. In fact you may think that these are normal human reflexes and the program (at least in the first 2 modules I saw) will not show you any wrist locks or fancy stuff. They will show you things that will look very familiar. But thats the whole point. We knew this, all humans were born with the ability to do this but we still got our asses kicked because it wasnt shown in perspective. This program will not show me any fancy moves like a wrist lock etc I guess but thats not why I want it. In a fight NOTHING is predictable. The attacker is gonna come at me the best way he knows and he wants to hurt me. I will NOT have the time to analyze and think. My hands and feet will start moving automatically. And you DO gain some confidence after watching this that you can actually keep your cool and be quick enough to react the way YOU want to. Damian has just given us the tools, some very good tips and tricks to escape from situations we thought were impossible. After that it is upto us to decide. Some of us have a fighters tendency and for those who dont, the drills will be so ingrained that you dont have to think, the program kicks in and you will yourself start hadning out elbow strikes, chops and headbutts like sweets.

      Like I said, I vouch for this program 100%. I have come across criticism of the program also but nobody has said the system is useless, in fact a lot of the mare just sour about how effective it is. And just in case the pricks from the other forums are gonna use my comments saying Damian is posting this himself, THIS IS NOT DAMIAN. I live in Dubai and Iam a totally different person and am not being paid by him. I dont need to prove anything to you, if you wanna keep yourself and your family safe, use this program. After doing it you will actually not be scared to fight and if a smart ass in the pub challenges you he probably will sense that when you look at him and give him a smile like you know you are gonna take him down. As for me, I look like a punching bag anyway and Iam waiting for the next person who is gonna be my REAL LIFE BOB.

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