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Close Combat Lessons from the Video Game Doom

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      Back in 1993 a new computer game called Doom came out that would change the industry and soon would have millions of dedicated fans. The concept was pretty simple it was a first person shooter where you guided a nameless space marine through various facilities like a military base and a power plant on the Martian moons of Phobos, Deimos, and eventually hell in an effort to prevent demons from invading earth. You start off only with a pistol, but eventually get to use a wide range of weapons including a chainsaw, a shotgun, and chain gun along with other weapons. Your enemies include possessed humans, fire ball throwing imps, and other demonic monsters. The game features graphic combat, demonic themes, and so much violence that Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman called the game a “mass murder simulator,” and said it would harden children to violence.

      Though the game was simplistic it does teach the fundamentals of close combat even if the setting is Sci-Fi horror. In 1996 the United States Marine Corps were the first to see the game as a training tool and created Marine Doom, which allowed soldiers to work together in four man teams to accomplish a variety of missions. While there is no replacement for classroom work and actually going through training exercises with a weapon in hand Doom does mange to teach us some good lessons.

      [b:g7x5ps30]Always be observant.[/b:g7x5ps30] Sounds simple, but whether you

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