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      Coach suspends whole team because several players were bullying, cyber-bullying and misbehaving.

      I played and coach and as a player, I was always told you need to act better than the other kids.

      Don’t drink, don’t smoke, no drugs, be polite and nice to everyone.

      Now I know all people should live their lives this way, but as an athlete people expect you to be the dumb jock.

      Same holds true for police, fireman, teachers, coaches, doctors and any citizen. You must hold yourself to a higher standard.

      When President Clinton got a hummer in the white house, I was in my twenties and thought, Oh, well – that’s no big deal, it’s consensual.

      Later I realized what he did marked the morality of America. You can cheat on your wife, bang your employees, but as long as you do your job OK – you’re fine.

      But it’s not fine.

      I was doing business with a woman who was carrying on an affair for several years. She had a husband, kids but hooked up with this other guy on a regular basis. Now I thought it was no big deal until things didn’t get done that were supposed to be done….and she charged me for them. Then it dawned on me, if she could cheat on the father of her children day in and day out, lying to me and taking my money was not going to be a big deal for her.

      There’s the problem.

      If President Clinton can live a “compromised lifestyle” what else is he willing to do? Again, I realize how naive this is, because all politicians by nature are compromised. But that moment told the world – it’s OK to lie and cheat on your wife. It’s OK to do whatever you want because as long as your WORK is OK, what you do to the people who are supposed to matter most doesn’t matter.

      Somewhere along the lime the priority has been put on work and NOT your private life.

      The opposite should be true.

      If you live nobly you will work in the same manner. We need to get back there and I think this coach got it right.

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      Dallas Williams

      We need more coaches like this who will stand up and address foul morals among players on their teams whether it’s at the high school, college, or professional level. Whether it’s carrying out disciplinary action or suspensions against one or more individual players or even an entire team if warranted it’s more important for coaches to build and encourage good morals and respectful behavior in athletics and maintain a clean, solid, respectable reputation of the team and the school or organization they’re playing for than to simply try to hide and sweep athlete’s misdeeds under the rug and allow them to keep playing just so you can keep from rocking the boat and keep securing wins and avoid upsetting the athlete’s family etc. If only more coaches and administrators would start making players accountable for their behavior and conduct on and off the field then maybe athletics in this country could salvage it’s tarnished reputation among many people who believe all athletes have the “dumb jock” mentality and way of life. And the sad part is most athletes do hold themselves to a high standard and are some of the most morally upstanding and polite people you will find, but the few bad ones get all of the attention and publicity and ruin things for everybody.

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      Dallas Williams

      And if these athletes could clean up their bad behavior and conduct off the field, ex. stay away from drugs, excessive alcohol, late nights partying, illicit sexual activity, etc. and stay true to some core inner values they have that they tap into to have the mentality to work hard and train to be top performing athletes in the first place then their performance on the field just might improve as well.

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      The real cover ups happen in high school and college. The kids can kind of be controlled because they don’t have a lot of excess cash and they’re living in a somewhat controlled environment.

      Most times, the problems surface when they’re in the pros. They have access to cash and no one is looking over their shoulder 24-7. Look at Hernandez, the kid was obviously a career criminal. No you tell me all this crap started last year?!?!?

      In the NFL there are no guaranteed contracts – so you screw up or get hurt, you’re done. You get to keep your signing bonus. what these kids don’t realize is that for every kid that screws up, there are 10 more willing and able to take his place.

      high School and College is where it needs to be addressed (College even more so). These teams generate so much cash for the college and an impact player will make or break your season and effect your bottom line. If Johnny Football was raping cheerleaders in Texas, I’m sure we wouldn’t hear about it the next day.

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