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      Hey Damian,

      I have had the privilege to teach more than 100 000 high school students self defense since 1994 in Ontario and I actually had one teacher ask me how I could charge $23.00pp for four hours of instruction. She felt this was very expensive. LOL! I asked her to call a mother who had her daughter take our course. Her daughter had been confronted by a man with a knife in a parking lot. She remembered our strategies on how to detect and avoid and she got away. I asked her to call this mother and ask if $23.00 was expensive. It blows me away how people don’t make their safety an even more important priority than their health. If you aren’t alive it doesn’t matter how healthy you are. Take Care! Keep up the good work Damian.

      Chris Roberts

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      Wow she got pissed at $5.75 and hour. Imagine that. The guy who cleans the toilets gets about triple that.

      It never ceases to amaze me. These chuckle heads will pay over $300 a month for TV and internet. Pay their plumber $250.00 to unclog a toilet, but when it comes to learning how to NOT get raped, mugged or beat up they get T-REX arms (their hands can’t reach their pockets- I know its a visual joke).

      The fact we face with this subject is that if forces them to deal with a reality that they don’t want to exist. They are sheep and will always be sheep.

      Chris, don’t sweat it. We can’t convert everybody and sacrifices must be made to the scumbags.

      Next time, simply thank her for donation. Donation? Yes her donation of money, health and sanity. Thank her for choosing to be the fodder that enables the ass kickers you teach to survive. While the wolves are full from feasting on the weak, your students will have safe passage.

      So it’s a good thing that the people say NO. Kings need Pawns just as much as Knights.

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      I like the T-Rex analogy (javascript:emoticon(‘:D’)good visual). Because we teach about 300 high school students each week I have been able to make it affordable for them but there are always a few teachers who don’t have a clue about what is important. We are the busiest in Canada but I can’t tell you the number of times a teacher will say “I can hire a local karate guy for free”. There is such a misunderstanding on the difference between the martial arts and reality based training. I look forward to getting more involved in these forums. Thanks Damian.


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      I guess it doesn’t matter what type of doctor they go to or what type of restaurant they eat in.

      A karate guy will give a free anything because his back end is lessons. He’ll teach BJJ call it self defense and hand out brochures. If he gets 3 or 4 students, that 40 hours just paid him a few grand.

      This is why the SDC does negotiating for its instructors. Reuben Bean in Bermuda is negotiating a contract with the Gov to teach in the school system. Mike archangel is riding shotgun with him. When these organizations realize you have people, they take you more seriously. So now its not you against the karate guy, its the karate guy against a world wide organization.

      Bureaucrats look at two things: will this make my job easier or harder? An will I look good or bad to my superiors?

      Private businesses look at how much will it cost and how much can I make over how long?

      The other issue we face is liability. Sometimes large corporations, schools and govt agencies won’t even recommend a local karate class for fear of exposure to law suit. Even if the employee goes to class and hurts their back they can sue the deep pocket organization.

      We argue the fact that no martial art or self defense company or even a gym has ever been sued. But it doesn’t matter the them. It’s the legal fees they care about, not the justice.

      They will let an employee swing in the wind because its cheaper in the long run. The same issue runs rampant in law enforcement. Its cheaper to pay death benefits than spend millions on settlements and lawyers.

      That’s why word and position what we do so specifically. Mike is awesome at speaking “bureaucratese”.


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