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      How come so many people with whom I share combatives, tell me how full of shit I am and that this shit just won’t work. I get it from everyone. People who’re in martial arts I tell them I practice combatives, they ask what it is and I explain. All you need is a tactical solution and a handful of techniques to apply to any situation against any opponent. I get laughed at. People have brains they should be able to use common sense. What would work, flashy stances and hand gestures, or a blow to the larynx, ears or knees. No matter what I say, I’m always in the wrong. Hell even the web of hand blow, chinjab and low boot kick would be devastatingly effective is practiced to the point of 1-2-3 is all you need

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      I am always reminded of this excellent quote from Marc MacYoung when anyone tries to tell me about martial arts or fighting.
      “Self defense isn’t about empowerment, personal gain, winning,
      revenge or teaching those who have hurt you a lesson. Those
      are the motivations of an attacker. Self-defense is about effectively
      ending an attack, quickly and with minimum damage to yourself.”

      Personally I very rarely bring up self defense in conversations, most people don’t know what they are talking about and many who like to discuss street fighting are freaks to begin with.
      The normal people who are sincerely interested in personal protection are few and far between and I feel that usually it’s because of the way that it is portrayed in the martial arts or “street fighting” RBSD, military combatives.
      For most people it just looks like something weird that someone with a chip on their shoulder would want to partake in.

      That’s why it’s important to raise awarenesss in self defnse to what it truly is about, and Mr. MacYoungs’ quote above certainly fits that bill.

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      I’m all about element of surprise, efficienc and most important…..SPEED. Would anyone agree that the direct chinjab smash would be the best most effective offense for a direct attack. Do your worst fast and first

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      To “The Machine” –

      Thanks for keeping it in perspective. Self-defense is about defending ones self, not impressing others.

      To “Human Weapon” –

      What works for one does not necessarily works for another. What works for you?

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      chinjabs and fist combos work for me. And I believe that what works for one can work for another…if they’re properly trained. The chinjab or axe hand will work for anyone if they’re serious about real self-defense. My fav is the vertical lead hand/dropstep two punch combo. After the lead hand is executed I can follow up with whatever I want!

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      Kirk wrote:
      To “The Machine” –

      Thanks for keeping it in perspective. Self-defense is about defending ones self, not impressing others.


      Thank you sir, you seem like you will add a positive and insightful voice to this forum.

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