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    James Goolsby

    Big Daddy D,

    I thought you might get a kick out of this. I was showing a lesson from Mod 1 to a guy at work who is interested in the program,. As soon as the video was over he said, “Hack, hack, hack… Wow! That’s the only system I’ve ever seen where being called a hack is actually a compliment.” I about fell out of my chair laughing.

    So, there you go… the new SDTS motto: I’m a Hack and Damn Proud of It!


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    theselfdefenseco theselfdefenseco 

    That’s AWESOME. That will work well because this is the first topic I went to.

    Funny, google will probably rank it really high!

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     James Goolsby 

    Thought you would like that. I’m thinking T-shirts and bumper stickers for everyone (and chocolate, there’s always room for chocolate.) And, yeah, Google will probably eat it up.

    By the way, personal question… ummm, do you ever sleep? You’re as bad as me! :D

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     Dave Williams 

    Haha that’s hillarious. Sounds like my girl she runs up behind me now and says “judo chop” quoting Austin Powers lol.

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