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      This is Mike from Cape Cod and I have to say something that I have been posting everywhere I go. Thank you.

      Briefly, I’ll tel you my story:

      I’m 45, I was a go-getter out of college. I landed my first job on wall street (well it was actually more like a boiler room, but what did I know?) Getting up for minimum wage only to make 100 to 150 cold calls a day. After about 2 years of that and no money, by boss never endorsed me for the series 7 exam, I was lucky enough to connect through my first wife, yes I said first, to someone who would employ me and sponsor me.

      My 20’s were a blurr, job, house, divorce and BAM, I’m in my 30’s. Consequently I gained weight, was completely miserable and on the verge of a second divorce.

      Well you all know, the last few years haven’t been great for the financial industry. In fact, I was laid off with a pretty good severance thanks to the 90’s.

      So there I was out of work, not knowing what to do. I knew physically I was in bad shape, but who has time when you need to find a job?

      I don’t know what possessed me, maybe it was because I was feeling vulnerable. Maybe I was tired of feeling like I was powerless and out of control.

      I enrolled in a train at home self defense program. Now I know what you’re thinking…SO. Well, I did it without any expectations. I got the first month and it sat for a week until I finally opened it and watched it and thought, I could do that. So I got one of those training dummies and set up a little spot in my condo.

      It was seriously aggression therapy. I got to hit something and literally focus all of my negative energy on to that dummy. After 30 minutes I was spent. Dripping sweat and exhausted.

      Let me tell you, that one physical act started a series of “comebacks” in my life. I am now managing a moving company. Hey, it’s not wall street, but it pays the bills. I still train in the program.

      YES, there have been times I fell down along the way, but my knew found faith in myself enabled my new found faith in God. I never thought something violent would lead to peace.

      I guess that’s just it. When I work out, I focus on what has gone wrong in my life. The pain I have caused and I have felt. I let it pour out of me all over that poor, poor training dummy.

      I don’t know how, I don’t know why…I don’t care. Doing that train at home program was the small tipping point I needed to get me back on track.

      Mike T

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      it is the least I can do. I was only fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. You were ready to say ENOUGH and allowed me to help.

      How far along are you in the program?

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      I just got module 8 and I have to say…simply brilliant. No “TWISTY WRISTY” complicated stuff just bare bones and brutal!!!!!!!!!!!

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