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      Hi Damian,

      It’s Delville Tuckett from Australia here how you going mate? Got a question for you, dont know how to word this so it makes sense but here it goes. How do you defend aginst a punch,kick etc?

      For example if someone wants to fight you for what ever reason and they throw a punch or a kick, knee etc.. you said that its very hard to block against this. What would be the best way to deal with this?

      Is it better to attack them before they get a chance to attack you? for example once they are in your “space” do you just go for it? if they do attack you whats the best way to deal with it?

      Hope that makes sense.

      Kind Regards

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      Action is faster than reaction. It is impossible to determine what type of attack under REAL WORLD conditions. Training and practice scenarios are not real world so you have to stick to what we know is fact.

      You will not face a single attack, but a barrage of relentless and brutal assaults. Once you lose the momentum, you have major problems against a good street fighter.

      So how do you handle a punch or a kick. simple, cover and body movement.

      Attack first and keep attacking. We are all nice. law abiding people, but in The Truth About Self Defense video, you see how to “smoke out” when you are being set up. Let’s say someone asks you for some spare change, you say no and try to leave the scene and the subject still pursues you, well you now know there is a good possibility they WANT MORE THAN spare change.

      Now you have to make a decision, attack or leave.

      On the attack like we cover in mod 1, keep your elbow up and your chin down (don’t cover your eyes!!!). AND TAKE GROUND- always be where he’s standing. He’s off balance, you have the momentum, keep the pressure on until he is no longer a threat.

      Waiting or an attack is a Hollywood fabrication. Musashi, the greatest sword fighter of all of Japan would literally ambush his opponents hours before the scheduled dual. The point is, it’s not a matter of who’s right, only who’s left!

      Now, I know you mind your business and don’t look for trouble, rescue kittens out of trees and help little old ladies cross the street.

      Tactically, if you wait for an actual strike, punch, kick or stab your odds go in the basement.

      Still not convinced…test it. Take one of your friends, put both your hands on their shoulders and your chin tucked with your head below the shoulder line (just like in mod 1). Tell them to start trying to punch and kick you while you are running them over (keep your hands on his shoulder and DRIVE).

      A few things are going to happen:
      1. Any punch will graze your skull (you might want to have him strike with open hands so he doesn’t smash his knuckles)
      2. He won’t be able to kick while hes’ trying to stay on his feet.
      3. He will trip and fall over something. In the real world, you can’t go five feet without running into a car, a stump or something.

      What if your faced off. Remember… you want to be far enough away so that as soon as he shifts his weight, you move in one of four directions, forward, back, left or right and ATTACK.

      Put a training knife in his hand and do the same thing. Put a stick or a club in his hand and do the same thing. You will get the same results every time.

      Attack the man and keep attacking. We all want to focus on the individual technique, but this is a crucial and fatal mistake. It would be like focusing on artillery fire when you have ground troops and air assault to contend with. TACTICS always come first. Attack the man, take ground, keep your chin down and your elbow up.

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      Cool thanks Mate! Makes sense. Just one thing when you refer to elbows up to make sure iam getting it write do you mean up as if you are in the “interview stance” as in mod 1? or where you have your hands over your ears and elbows up and jaw down?

      I am interested in getting some body armour to train full contact in as you do. What type should i get? and where can i get it?

      Hope you have a good day/night ( it’s morning here in oz :-) )


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      In interview stance, you don’t want to indicate that you’re going to thrash the guy. So keep your elbow up and chin tucked when you’re attacking. It matters most in the initial contact, not so much after you have the momentum, keep him off balance and injure him.

      Equipment is a tough thing. First there is nothing that you can dress someone in that you can hit 100% out side of the BULLET MAN. The problem with the bullet man is that it’s TOO big and gives you an unrealistic sense of distance.

      We have a Redman Suit and there is NO WAY you can hit that thing with any serious amount of force. I have messed around with the FIST gear and found the same results (good for inexperienced, smaller and weaker people, not so good for the strong, big guys we train with).

      The bogu (old fashioned kendo armor modified for karate) is good- it provides mobilitiy and it takes a beating. I still recommend using grappling gloves because the metal and plastic surfaces may cause injury.

      You can start here:

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      Thanks again Damian, very helpful. I should of asked this before but i forgot sorry mate. Multiple Opponents, in mod 1 you mention about this saying that when you take ground you are obviously moving forward therefore you are not in the same spot making it harder for others to attack you.

      If an attacker does have more people with them what would be the best way to deal with them? would attacking the nearest person be the best option and just keep on moving forward attacking who ever comes near you?

      Thanks for your help Damian much appreciated


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      You answered your own question. You can only fight one target at a time. That doesn’t mean fight until that target is 100% stopped.

      You may injure one or just cause him to pause and then move to another one while you are still taking ground.

      Here’s the other thing, with tunnel vision and the other effects of adrenaline, you will only concentrate on what’s in front of you once the action starts. Moving forward makes them chase you, which puts them off balance and flushes them out.

      We have a drill called the gauntlet. A few bad guys in the room with some obstacles. The BGs have pads and their job is to harass and subdue the principle (the good guy). The object is to simply get out of the room. By just moving toward the door and remaining mobile the good guy can escape.

      You run into problems when you stay still and get stuck in a corner. Even then, you ae only fighting one target at a time. You may have to go back and forth from one to the other, but it’s still targeting what is directly infront of you.

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      Excellent, Thank you very much. Once again mate i really appreciate it!!

      As i have said before this is awsome! and so is your instruction you are an awsome instructor, i cant wait to meet and train with you one day!

      Kind Reagrds

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      I look forward to that to. I also want to thank you for posting questions.
      Your questions will no doubt help many others who are lurking on the forum.


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