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Depth and Extreme Whirl Of ELbows In Mod 2

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      Hey Sir I have another question for you (relates to the post about the “edge” and your neural motor remark.

      The severity of your elbows swings really freaks me out, especially with my back round. I understand about the violent movement and how that would more than likely disrupt a would be attacker but the depth at which you throw several of these in the video and the length of the the arc (swing) I find very discomforting as every time I attempt them (contrary to prior training) I find myself almost lunging and sometimes off balance.

      Could you clear up the reasoning behind the severity of your swing for me please.

      I might not place them in my arsenal but with my objective I definitely need to be able to explain the reasoning behind it.

      Thanks for the time…

      As always though I love this stuff “simple,effective, and brutal – it is all great fro civilian A.I’s attitude interrupter’s

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      Please clarify by “severity” do you mean the length of time and movement?


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      Yes sir exactly, it seems like it is over exaggerated and this exaggeration would tend to cause a loss of balance. I just have never experienced this before.

      Either in competition or in real time

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      Its about application and development.

      The elbow in this case is an opening technique from close range. The drill is to try to incorporate as much power as possible. Imagine pitching a baseball.

      Its awkward at first, but just think of throwing and it will work out. The training also helps you recruit body parts to add power to your technique. In mod 6 you do the same with the reverse punch (right cross).

      The reeling elbows are for creating space in a crowd. They are indiscriminate”get the F$%K off me” techniques.

      Elbows in the heat of battle are edge of hands that missed or came up short. (save any rising elbows).


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