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      If you haven’t seen this video go here:


      As goofy as this guy is…Dim Mak has SOME basis in reality. Even as late as the 1890’s to early 1900’s a Dim Mak method could be something as simple as a strike to the solar plexus or the side of the neck. Hitting with concussive force to the head was considered a “death touch”.

      The Japanese have “Oku Den”, hidden teachings that included things like rear naked strangles and dislocations. Many methods that we take for granted today were HIGHLY GUARDED SECRETS.

      The body has a handful of knock out areas and there are a FINITE ways a body will cease to live involuntarily.

      What has “evolved” is a power of suggestion cult led by non other than George Dillman. Who as rumor has it garnered his powers of Dim Mak from Oyata Sensei. The extent of Dillman’s training in this system however was limited to an extened weekend where Dillman and Oyata were snowed in. The story goes there was a lot more drinking than training.

      Following that Dillman only met with Oyata several times for a week or two at most. From there Dillman created his own dog and pony show. If you ever get to see a demo or a seminar it’s really UNBELIEVABLE. Grown men touching each other on the head and falling down. Passing an imaginary energy ball. The cost for something like this…$500 and up per person for a single day.

      The power of suggestion is an incredible thing. As an instrutor, a teacher or a coach, it is your responsibility to treat this responsibility with great care. As a student, please don’t leave your common sense at the door. Open mind doesn’t mean blind faith.

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      I don’t see how he can still say what he is doing actually works. Not a single person outside of his dojo was affected by the supposed death touch. He says atheletes are not affected because of there ability to transfer energy better. What does that make his students. Gullible atheletes. I’ve seen a much better video about Dim Mak and they were actually stricking quite hard with the tips of their fingers, and that looked alot more possible then what the big guy was doing. Basically the guy doesn’t look like he has spent a life time developing his incredible skill so I very much doubt it works. Lets rename it Placebo Affect Touch.

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      This guy’s rhetoric is full of holes. But the fact remains, there is a large segment of the world that WANTS to believe in magic. Not to sound too cynical, but there is no Santa Clause (just don’t tell my kids).

      Some people lead and others follow. It’s the responsibility of the people in front to take care of their teams.

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      :D” title=”Laughing” /> …OK , you guys….I did’nt read all the threads here like I ought to in a post but…….MY HEAD HURTS from laughing so hard for 3 minutes!!

      What really got me was the little prissy lokking kid saying “c’mon by will knock you out for real ” or something like that? I dunno , kid kind of mumbled. Now, it’s not the kid seeming prissy that is so laughable; hell I know that kids like that get some of what you guys know and they can really stomp some serious ass. But WHAT the boy is confident ABOUT….man that’s scary! My “psycho-babble” guesstimate about it is ; the folks in that class really WANT to believe the stuff works so bad, it’s kind of like they GOTTA fall down when sensei does that.

      The most laughable of all is , ‘trained athletes are conditioned to take that stuff’

      Where are the assassins when we need them?

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      Let this serve as a REMINDER of what happens when we sip too much kool-aide.

      By nature we all need something to believe in. When you invest some much time and so much money you develop a FAITH in what you’re doing.

      For a goof google KI BALL and see what you find. A few guys I knew went to a Dillman seminar and said it was unbelievable to see grown men pass around an invisible ball and talk about the how HOT it was. BTW, they paid $300 a pop for the opportunity.

      Power of suggestion, mass hysteria and you can’t underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

      We see this kind of hero worship from people like Carl to Bruce Lee. We forget at the end of the day that these were just men with a gift and a talent. This industry is particularly vulnerable because of the life or death subject matter.

      As time passes, we tend to exaggerate, elaborate and in most cases fabricate to justify our purpose.

      Check out KI BALL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2yaj-QmooM

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      Damian..when I hear the words “mass hysteria” and speaking of a faith manipulated and utilized for self-aggredizement; my head conjors up visual memories of history I have seen and read: Oh lets see here…I am seeing young, tow-headed men lined up liustening to words of their glorious leader whom all know is infallible, standing fast with readiness to eliminate all that stand in the way…oh where was this? Germany?

      (lest anyone begin to think such things are “not a problem”)

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      Hey, you never can underestimate the power of an overachieving house painter.

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      I sure as hell can as far as THAT! Ever seen his art? Dull and boring as
      listening to Jason Robards narrarate a short doc about the Titanic on PBS.

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      I have a few of his pieces next to my Gasey collection.

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      Uuuhh, Damian? That garage sale you wanted me to help you have? Yeah….I think we’ll postpone.

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      Just for curiosity, I bought Evan Pantazi’s Kyusho Jitsu DVD’s few years ago, no death touch BS, but good striking targets information instead. I do agree with the premisse that in order to hurt someone, you have to strike hard, and I have tested it 1st. hand experience. Nevertheless, tactics is what matters most.
      On December 2007, there was this guy who once was my girlfriend’s previous B.F., I already lived with her when she told me that this guy sent her an e-mail telling her he had just moved to his new house and that he would like to take her there for “the inauguration”, meaning both of them alone. This guy knew we were together, but he didn’t care. So… I was pissed off, he disrespected my woman!. I didn’t like the idea of having a stalker disturbing our relationship, so I decided to put an end to it before it went worse later on.
      With a cool mind I planned on my tactics, I said to myself, next time I see this guy I’ll just knock him out so he’ll learn the lesson and vanish from our lives.
      Such day (it was night actually) arrived, I approached him with a friendly face: “Hey dude, how’s it going?”, he answered: “Robin!, hey pal, nice to see you”, next I just asked him a trigger question: “So tell me, how is it that you were inviting my girl to your place?”,… and when he was starting to say shoit I just hit him with a right cross straight to his right side Mental Nerve (side of the chin following a straight line below the corner of the mouth), his arms felt down, and the guy went down unconscious instantly, then I just walked away and left him laying there.
      The thing here is that Kyusho Jitsu face and neck target points do work if you hit’em hard. (My favourites: Mental Nerve, Stomach Point #5 and Triple Warmer #23).
      If you watch the “Ultimate Knockouts” DVD series, you may find out that most of them happen when such are conected in the right angle.
      Sure, there’s a lot of magic/energetical chi crap surrounding some M.A. styles, but useful stuff can be learned in between as well.
      BTW, I didn’t hurt my fist like Mike Tyson once did :wink:” title=”Wink” />


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      That is one of two sure fire put their dick in the dirt. Knock out and target areas are not “death touch”. Death touch implies, I tap you…you die. I touch you, you get knocked out EG George Dillman.

      The Japanese are not without their hyperbole. Kyusho is generally though of as attacking vulnerable target areas like the mustache line or the side of the neck. In mod 1 we go through all of them.

      The “ask a question” set up is excellent street fight 101. Same dodge as asking for the time or “where you got your shoes”. He’s thinking, you’re working.

      BTW…I still think Iron Mike’s attorney had something to do with his hand being busted :D

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      Uhmmm…hmmm…..glad you’re ok…glad you’re not in jail Robin :?

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      This story is a reality-based scenario designed to illustrate a point.

      To quote Law and Order:

      “Although inspired in part by a true incident, the following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.”

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      JKDGuy wrote:
      Uhmmm…hmmm…..glad you’re ok…glad you’re not in jail Robin :?[/quote:2qxt9j4e]

      Here in Mexico you don’t go to jail for Knocking someone out, because there’s no permanent damage, and no visible damage on the subject either.

      Maybe, if I had given him the boot some hundred times after he hit the floor, then it could be considered a battering or a crime.

      Anyway, the guy didn’t even know what hit him. Maybe he thinks I have “super powers” hehe

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      Well ya know Robin , basically what I was conveying was that it sounded like a situation that could easily have been avoided. I mean after all, you DID go seek him out and pre-meditatedly strike him. Here in the States anyway…thats known as assault.

      I dunno, I guess I personally view this material as being only for when an individual is putting his (not hers :D ) hands on me, in ANY unwelcomed way. But, it was 2 years ago, so I guess no harm no foul.

      “They can say whatever they want to me, call me any name in the book, even insult my mother. But if they out their hands on me, I set ’em on fire.”

      Paraphrase of Clint Smitn, Director and founder of Thunder Ranch firearms training facility in Tex.

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      Smith excuse me lol

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      JKDGuy wrote:
      Well ya know Robin , basically what I was conveying was that it sounded like a situation that could easily have been avoided…[/quote:1dumjpa0]

      Yeah, right, and wait ’till my woman got raped or murdered to have the legal right to do something about it, bla, bla, bla…

      Sorry, but I rather get real than dream in a lawful and peaceful perfect world. That’s not where I live.

      JKDGuy wrote:
      Here in the States anyway…thats known as assault[/quote:1dumjpa0]

      Well in the States that may be truth, but in Combatives that’s known as surviving with the correct mindset.

      Just as a reminder, Jim Grover’s Combative Principles next:

      1. Final confirmation of an assault will generally come in the form of injury to you (ed note:[i:1dumjpa0]or your loved ones[/i:1dumjpa0]). Be alert and stay focused.

      2. Don’t watch your opponent’s eyes, they can’t hurt you. Focus on the real danger: his hands, which can hit, hold weapons, etc.

      3. Disarming doesn’t necessarily mean taking the weapon away from a person. You can disarm him by making it impossible for him to use the weapon through injury or unconsciousness.

      4. Martial arts is something you do [i:1dumjpa0]with[/i:1dumjpa0] somebody. Combatives is something you do [i:1dumjpa0]to[/i:1dumjpa0] somebody, or [i:1dumjpa0]on[/i:1dumjpa0] somebody.

      5. You will most likely be attacked when the conditions most favor your attacker and least favor you.

      6. Understand the concept of branching: if a technique is not working, go immediately to another one instead of trying the same thing over and over again.

      7. In a fight, maintain the combative attitude. Any fight is 10% technique and 90% attitude. The superior combative mindset will win.

      8. Keep it simple; if a technique can’t be performed while under the physiological effects of imminent danger, it is useless.

      9. A fight is, by it’s very nature, a struggle. Your techniques must be effective against an opponent who will be fighting and struggling against you every step of the way.

      … and I would ad others like: “do onto others what they want to do onto you, but do it FIRST”.

      There are many more combative principles you may find in Applegate’s “Kill or Get Killed”, Fairbairn’s “Get Tough”, Biddle’s “Do or Die”, and many other works on the subject.

      I understand must people want to be Law obedient abid citizens, but where’s the use of law if I’m dead?

      As Geoff Thompson and others agree: “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6”

      BTW, I’m not writting this from my cell :wink:” title=”Wink” />

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      Yeah Mexico is pretty lawless. Not very stable Government or Citizens.

      I think JKDGUY was trying to help ya out. And I am gonna try to help ya out too. Give ya some food for thought and ya do what ya will with it.

      Now we dont know the particulars of your circumstances. But in general its a good idea to fight only in self defense or defense of others. And that is a Combatives mind set my friend.Because ever “fight” ya get in can result in your death. In the fight your in today or the fight ya get in the next. Folks retaliate all the time. Ya woop someones ass today get shot the next by a speeding car. Happens every single day here in the states. And I know the same shit goes down in Mexico.

      Also when ya start to hurt someone no matter what your INTENTION is other things can happen. Ill give ya an example of case I ran across. There are two kids fresh out of high school and they run across each other leaving a club. The bully from high school starts talking mess to the “Nerd” and well the Nerd loses it because hes catching the same shit again. So he shoots on the bully takes him to the ground , gains the mount, And starts pounding his face in. problem is the dudes head is bouncing off the pavement with each hit. So hes recieving blows from both sides of the cranium. Long story short the bully dies a week later from brain injuries. Was not the Nerd intention to kill the guy just beat the hell out of him. Now depending on his conviction hes looking at 3 years to life in prison.

      Anyways ya get the idea. Just giving ya some friendly advice from someone longer in the tooth. When I was young. I would fight for just about any reason including beating a guy down for saying something negative about my appearance. And I bet Damian was the same way at the same point.But with age and experience comes wisdom and I wont strike anyone unless I have too. Peroid. And besides it really does take a bigger man to walk away from a fight and it is to fight!..Wow my first Sensei was right!!! LOL

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      one Percenter,

      I’m a peaceful dude as well!, come on!, this was bit more than a year ago. I walk away from trouble ALWAYS. I agree the use of force is last resort.

      The thing is, with the story I told, that I was not going to wait for that bastard to start stalking my woman, if you have read books on the subject on how those bastards (stalkers, rapists, etc…) think… And I did not went after him, he crossed my path one good day (sent by God I guess).

      I mean, I’m not going to wait for the punch to hit me (the stalker hurts my girlfriend). He had already initiated his attack on me by what he wrote in the e-mail he sent.

      It’s just the same as with the guy who steps infront of you and hides a hand under the t-shirt, yeah, maybe he just wanted to scratch his balls, or the urticaria around his belly, but maybe he’s about to draw a weapon. Waiting to find out what it was going to be is not to safe for you, is it? So you better stop the “probable draw” before it takes place, because trying to stop a knife x mph hitting you? come on!, no way, only in the movies and in the step karate class.

      It is called Anticipation according to circumstances.

      But well, that’s just my thoughts on my way of thinking. I may be wrong, maybe.

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      …or maybe he should have think it twice before insulting my girl…

      The main lesson here is that [u:cs2hl405][b:cs2hl405]straight cross to mental nerve did achieve an instant K.O.[/b:cs2hl405][/u:cs2hl405] no Dim Mak magic touch, but taking advantage of one of Chinese accupuncture meridians spots hitting it hard and in the right angle, pinching the nerve against the chin/jaw bone.

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      Thanks 1%, you have more patience than I do to BE LONG in the TOOTH! :) At any rate; Robin # 1 I UNDERSTAND that your TECHNIQUE was effective. I get that and don’t doubt it for a second. #2, the fact that you’ve confirmed that you are in fact in Mexico , does perhaps put things in a slightly different perspective. Maybe you feared that in your part of the world, the Federales cannot be counted on to intervene. And maybe also in that part of the world; when men insult like that it is usually a preleude to an eventual assault. AND, it could very well be that culture-wise..that’s how a man should handle matters like that. Could be. I’m not even saying that it’s “wrong”.

      But, you stated that he had just sent an e-mail to your girlfreind. While I am not certain of what their past relationship was like, or whether or not he is prone to violence it DOES seem like it was just an innapropriate e-mail. Then, apparently you went to him , said some distracting words and
      decked him. hey, mind you if he was THREATENING her..I myself may get some freinds of mine and throw him a boot-party. Honor and fair-play be damned. All I am saying is that is sounds like you initiated violence when it was not exactly called for. Again, I don’t know the whole situation. Was she upset? Frightened? Mentioned beforehand physical abuse? If so, hey…I feel ya.

      But One said it all; going into a situation and creating a violent situation always puts you in serious sh**. Fatal possibly. And retaliation is always a possibility, especially with morons. Real winners like that guy.

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      And btw (One, ya bastaaahd..ya gave me longinthetoothitis lol)Im realize that we as men, all of us get a bit defensive and annoyed when we feel like toher men are lecturing us like Daddies. LOL. So if you feel like I was judging you , believe me I understand and I’m sorry.

      Also, we men naturally-QUITE-naturally feel we must protect people we care about-particularly-first and foremore, our women. And THAT my freind, I respect.

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      Thanks JKDGuy, I get your point, unfortunatelly we live in a bizar society in which even doing nothing at all and minding one’s own bussiness is an open invitation to Sh?tHead$# predators.

      Just like what happened to Mr Wayne Moore at McDonalds: [url:3etqzqod]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlP9-8f5YpE&feature=related[/url:3etqzqod]

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      You know fellas; Damian’s old instructor and one of MINE both said “If you’re really serious about self-defense, purchase a firearm (‘and learn how to use it’)”.

      And of course if firearms are outlawed in the srea you live in, we can enjoy the fact that a knife, unlike a gun does not run out of ammo, jam or misfire. And it’s really hard to hurt yourself while cleaning one.

      When I get into the use of weapons in self-defense, as a reality of combat…it actually increases my self-control and decision making.

      Yeah Robin, if I lived where you do, I’d REALLY want to carry a concealed weapon.

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      Also have to remember that your body is the lowest level of self defense. Carry a legal weapon in your community. Always keep in mind your natural weapons are only there to give ya time to get your weapon out :D

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      Jesus Robin, just watched it. Man, what a loser! LOL $50!!!! Nice goin there genius. $50..wow what a bigtime gangsta! GOTTA be a crackhead.

      Ah well, brightside is…someone’ll eventually kill that sack o’ grabage eventually.

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      And One…..could NOT have said it better :::tosses the man a cee-gar:::

      Pretty much sums up reality-based-self-defense :wink:” title=”Wink” />

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      And yep..legal weapon. Yeah I ALWAYS carry the tools that are within the legal perimeters. Lengthwise, bladetype, WHERE I carry it on me etc.

      I obey the laws without exception. don’t need that extra headache.

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      George Dillman is a Dillhole and is clearly and utterly full of shit. I’d kick’em in the nuts. That’s my Dik Mak

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      my death touch is the chin jab :)

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