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Do we need a 60 minute video on pepper spray?

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      The other day I received a new product release from yet another self defense “expert” on the use of pepper spray. The video is an hour long. I thought, holy $%^#, what the hell does he do for an hour on video?

      First of all I’ve been trained in the use of pepper spray and we do include it in the 60 Minute Self Defense Program and The Self Defense Training System. Its a great, non lethal tool in escape and evasion scenarios. It has it’s obvious drawbacks in law enforcement since it is a non-discriminatory tool. (Read you get as much juice as the bad guy). However, I know some local cops who have gotten pretty creative in certain situations, but this blog isn’t about that, it’s about the over complication of simple acts as perpetrated by martial arts and self defense experts.

      Years ago my Judo Instructor Yoshisada Yonezuka (Yone) told me a story about an old coach how was famous for his Uchi-mata (inner thigh throw). One day he asked him to explain his secret and to this his coach replied “Just go, BAM, fast like that.”
      Yone thought, “OK, maybe coach had a little too much to drink so I’ll ask him again tomorrow.”
      The next day, same question and wouldn’t you know, same answer. Yone figured, “OK, I guess that’s “the Secret””.

      Yone’s Uchi mata is still awesome, even in his seventies.

      A lot of coaches, instructors and teachers tend to OVER EXPLAIN everything. They micro manage and dissect each movement to the point that makes the student hypersensitive and extremely self conscious. Why do they do this? It could be inexperience combined with over anxiousness, poor teaching skills, huge ego (some people just love to hear themselves talk…the worst is when they BLOG about it…Hey, wait a minute!!!) and finally, sometimes they just want to fill time in a video. Heck, 60 minutes sounds a lot better than 30 minutes. Remember 1 minute of video time = 10 minutes of training time.

      I’ve seen “Master Instructors” correct a student every 1 or 2 minutes!!! This is incredible. Listen, the more you correct someone, the more attention you draw to them. New students are self-conscious enough, all they want to do is make it through the first few sessions without looking like an idiot. If a student learns to correct one or two mistakes each session it’s a miracle. It usually takes 1,000 repetitions until that movement starts to get wired into the subconscious. The general rule of thumb is two corrections maximum per session. That’s only 2 corrections, not 2 times. Because if I tell you to keep your elbow up and your chin down and you don’t do it, you will be hearing from me again until its fixed.

      I would like to think that “over correction and over explanation” comes from lack of teaching experience, but unfortunately, in most cases it comes from a huge ego and self justification. Most instructors like to hear themselves pontificate others feel the more they give you, the more value you’re getting for your $400 per month. (Yes, that’s what the local martial arts instructors charge). The longer I make this video, the more I can charge for it. You see my point.

      Every great instructor and athlete I have known always looked to simplify. In simplicity there is truth. The truth is not complicated, it simple and clear. There are many who feel The Self Defense Training System methods are simple. And I say YES THEY ARE!!!! Simple works and will always work.

      Instruction must be simple and goal oriented. If the point of the drill is to smash the heel of your hand into the target. show them, explain twice and show them how to to start slowly. When they get comfortable and uninjured, they will go harder. After a few minutes, correct and issue and move on. After 5 minutes, check to see if issue was corrected and move on as needed.

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