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Do we train Leo, security etc same as civilians?

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      Hello Damian. I like to ask a question if you didnt mind? I love your system and your logical approach which is still best all around I seen yet for self protection. And I love the police combatives. So anyways I been having this debate iabout teaching civilians and Leo, security etc the same. My opinion is why the main stay of self protection for both are the same. IMO I believe there is still a difference at some point for Leo and security etc. My reasoning for this belief is simply this. Police, security, bouncer etc will be held more accountable as of their profession so that’s a different tactic alone. The other is I don’t believe for any civilian looking for self defense/ protection for themselves and love ones need to know or train in arresting techniques, like come alongs, pain compliance, joint locks, like hammer lock and thumb locks, any real controlling technique base training. Most Leo, security etc I believe are trained to work in pairs and groups to control subdue and arrest with as minimal amount of force as possible. A civilian just need to neutralize the threat and get out of the scene. Would you agree with my thoughts? as your thoughts I really appreciate in The matter. As maybe I am totally wrong in my thinking. Thanks in advance Damian

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      We don’t…sort of…

      Guardian Police Combtives is a LEO, security program.
      Protector CSI is for citizens who are in the aid of LEO and Security or find themselves in a situation where they need to act like one (from active shooter to your drunk brother-in-law arguing with your sister) or a couple of friends who had a little too much to drink – no one is trying to kill one another, so you just need to neutralize the situation.

      So right here I named just a few instances where civilians would need to use crowd control, deescalation and arresting techniques.

      But when it comes to self defense – personal self defense it goes like this:

      Civilians, alone and facing an unknown threat should not use any sort of “controlling” tactic and NEITHER SHOULD POLICE.

      If you read my post: SEALS, SWAT and Self Defense you’ll see that the police and military have completely different situations for use of force scenarios.

      In short – LEO and Military depend on overwhelming force, intelligence, technology and equipment when responding to a call. They have time to prepare, set their mind right and (along with a lot of help) take down a subject or complete a mission.

      On the contrary, when it comes to PERSONAL SELF DEFENSE – they really have little (or no) practical experience. If a cop tries to take down a combative subject by his or herself – he’s not too bright. He puts himself at an unnecessary risk. It would be like a firefighter charging into a house fire with one water can. If any LEOs feel there’s going to be a problem – they call in the cavalry.

      Not to say that it doesn’t happen, it does – and in that case it’s a FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.

      So in a nut shell – Cops don’t really have to deal with personal self defense situations and civilians typically don’t need to arrest and restrain. This is why when it comes to self defense, a lot of police and military “experts” fall back to martial arts.

      When you get to the military…it’s even more drastic. A soldier on a mission, with a kill or capture mentality – armed to the teeth with night vision and drones has nothing to do with you trying to find your car at 11pm.

      Regarding pain compliance…don’t bother. I know we teach some of it, because it’s required by some curriculums but…and this is important – PAIN COMPLIANCE ONLY WORKS ON SUBJECTS THAT ARE ALREADY COMPLIANT.

      A strong command and a little nudge will help you direct a subject who will succumb to pain compliance. On the other hand, when you do apply it, it may set someone off – then you just fall back to the SDTS.

      Knock em out cold – it looks better on video as opposed to some skel yelling “I CAN’T BREATHE”.

      Hand yoke come-along is the BEST. Combine that with a front hockey takedown and it’s over.

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