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Do You Hold Any Seminars Outside of New Jersey?

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      Do you plan on holding any training classes taught by you In Chicago anytime soon? or do you only home those in New Jersey?

      [Joe Campise]

      Joe, I don’t have any planned, but would be willing to travel.

      My rates look like this:

      Local (with in 150 miles) Travel time $2 per mile
      Non-Local – Business Class Airfare
      Equipment Required (Target pads, weapons, etc. either supplied by you or me)
      One night stay before and after in a quality chain hotel or comparable.
      6 hours maximum teaching per day for $200 per hour – maximum 2 days
      If there are more than 30 people in the session I need an assistant at $75 per hour for every additional 30 people.

      You can charge whatever you wish – usually it’s $250 per day or $495 for two days.

      You have to feed me lunch and I don;t need to be entertained at night, however, I usually hang out anyway.

      So let’s say I’m coming to Chicago for two days for 30 person seminar…

      Airfare $200 (est)
      Travel to Airport ($80)
      Travel from Airport (pick me up or arrange transportation) Let’s call it $80
      Hotel $300
      Food $100
      Seminar $2400

      Total $3190.00

      You have 30 people at $475 = $14,250.00 (less 3190) is $11,060.00 that’s you’re to keep.

      Plus we will enroll attendees on Insider and make you an affiliate where you’ll receive over 20% commission on all attendees.

      Whether you want to charge more or less, it’s up to you.


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