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Does Weight Training Effect Your Self Defense?

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      Greetings Mr. Ross,
      I write you to ask about something that has troubled me about my self defense training, as you’ve asked us to do. So the question (or better two questions) is this; Does weight training help our self defense training? And if yes, should we use heavy or light weights (keeping in mind that we have to train giving everything we have and not relaxed and slowly as many weightlifters do) ? I hope you’re giving me an answer soon.
      Yours, Antonio.

      Yes – it makes you stronger.

      Antonio- I lift weights and anyone who doesn’t advocate resistance training of any kind is behind the times. When done correctly weight training will not only get you stronger but keep you younger. No joke – other than supplementation – weight training is the ONLY thing that causes the natural release of HGH and testosterone.

      I posted a work out in the blog called “The Ultimate Work Out”

      Doing this weight training program I will probably hit the numbers I was putting up when I was playing college football over 25 years ago. Combine this with regular SDTS training and you will be an animal.

      Technique is good. Technique with power is AWESOME.

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