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      I think your preaching to the choir here, my friend

      while I agree gun control has never really worked…

      I also think the UN push is aimed @ the arms dealer more than anything else.

      However, your absolutely correct…

      the only people that will be affected by this type of uniform quasi-enforcement are the little people.

      Criminals are not dumb (contrary to what many self-defense people on the net and in the bookstores say)

      Terroist are not dumb (especially @ leadership level)

      and most importantly this type of uniform legistration will not stop arms dealers from doin what they do…

      they will rise the prices but as always the criminal, SKEL and terroist will always gladly pay the price.

      But remember, GANGSTERS ARE GANGSTERS!

      Be they street, national rebels, terroist, corporate america types or politians.

      California figured out that they can’t take the firearms away. Manufacturer’s and dealers lobby money to strong.

      So all the GANGSTERS got together and comprimised.

      The everyday individual can not walk into a sporting or gun store and buy ammunition any more, without going through the same legal BS that we need to do to purchase the firearm in the first place.

      Left side say’s” no ammo – no problem

      Right side say’s: We still have the right to bear arms – no problem

      Manufactures say’s: we can still sale the firarms to them – no problem

      But what happens to the citizen, especially if their shooters like me?

      I fire of a couple of hundred rounds a week, a passion I developed in military & gov. work; just to stay sharp.

      Reduces available material for practice

      I’m sorry but the politians do not care about the health of those that vote them in.

      My opinion is that they are scared that we all, in relation to the ways things are going, might, in a worst case scenario, use the dam weapons on them (lol)

      Any way we look at it [b:2ovuo69e]GANGSTERS ARE GANGSTERS[/b:2ovuo69e]

      The only ones that are affected are you, me and the other little guys. :twisted:

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      ahh the hell with the UN, No ones taking my .44 Mag!

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      if they try to ya could always give them the brass casing. That is after they get a daily requirement of led.

      But seriously, this type of political BS ain’t never gonna go away.

      And the closer we inch towards socialist government control – the closer that day gets.

      But what the heck “it a classic case of the blind leading the blind”

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