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DR, What’s with the knife in the head?

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      James Goolsby


      Okay, I’m watching the vids and I just gotta ask… what’s the deal with the knife sticking out of the XL’s head? What did poor BOB ever do to you? Laugh

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      Dude owed me money…

      or…Century used to make the BOB for a heavy bad set up. I Taped the hook in the head for safety.

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      Also Damian what kind of base is that on your bob. It seems in the insider videos that your bob is close to the front of the base. On my wave master the bag is in the middle of the base. Did you make a custom base or is that the one that came with it?

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      It’s a Spar Pro – they don’t make them anymore.

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      Nice, now it’s giving me an idea of making a new punching target out of an old basketball goal base.

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      Post pics!

      OH, I also made a dolly out of 4 casters and some wood. This enables the dummy to move when you attack.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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