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      Yoosup Kim

      I was wondering if it’s possible to do the SDTS without using the edge of hand strike. I understand the versatility of the edge of hand strike and the system around this strike, but I feel like the hammer fist would provide better protection for your hands and more power than the knife hand.

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      Yes you can train without the knife hand. Having said that the edge of hand does hold some significant advantages over the hammer fist when it comes into fitting into certain targets ie the neck, inner thighs etc. When training, you will find the strikes you like best and train them to become instinctive and convulsive. Everyone’s tool kit may look a little different. What matters is what is effective for you if and when shit hits the fan.

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      neil braniff

      Im new to SDTS,but I would say the chop would add more pressure through a smaller surface area.Area’s like the Sternocleinomastoid muscle on the neck, the collar bone and other areas would be easier to strike with less effort, to achieve maximum damage. Probably be faster too!

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      Agreed NEil, but it’s a matter or preference. Especially in the beginning because many people will complain about their fingers being sore.

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