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      BOB Training Dummy:

      If you get the training dummy, that’s mostly all you need. A heavy bag will do.

      Also, you may want to build your brick (Brick, wood sponge, duct tape and sand paper).

      Lastly, get a jump rope, egg timer and a medicine ball.

      Congratulations, you have your own studio.

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      The Bob dummy is a really good training tool. You can gouge his eyes, clap his ears, bury your elbow in his throat…and no complaints! Just don’t elbow the dude in the kidney. No padding there. Bob serves double duty as a sentry. Since he’s height adjustable I have him peering over the swinging door of my workout shed. People standing at my back door get really startled when they look over there.
      I’ve used Bob to do a couple of seminars in Ithaca, NY and he’s always the ‘hit’ of the party. The problem, however, is the base full of sand. Sucker weighs 250 pounds! I don’t have much storage space where I teach so I have to transport him. My solution was to buy another Century Arms product called a Wavemaster. Same base – But I keep this one empty. A swap out and Bobs going on a road trip. At the class one student drapes themself on the base while another one wacks away. In the meantime the non-based Wavemaster happily serves as a ground and pound target.
      Next trick is to set up Bobs 250 pound base with some kind of ‘slippery’ material (teflon sheet?)between it and the floor so Bob will back up when smacked allowing for more realistic practice at ‘taking ground’.

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      We’ve used a dolly. Get some casters (4 to 6) a piece of plywood and 4 screw in eyelets and some rope or bungee cords to tie that sucker to it.

      You can even transport it and attach it to the empty base.

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      Pretend Shake

      I have to say that in all the years that I have been involved in Martial Arts/ Self Defense the BOB (Body Oponate Bag) is the best training tool that I have ever purchased.

      Not only is it easy to use, it is also a magnet for people when they see it, I have almost count of the times I have been taking it into a venue and people ask what it is and what is it for, I then invite them to come and take a look, or even have a go, from there the converstion rate into making that person a student is about one in eight, my Mr Bob has already paid for himself 5 times over just for being on display.

      Stick a SD Tee Shirt on him as well

      Stephen Drake – Dubai.

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      Damian. is it ok to use a different sponge than a wood sponge? or do you specifically name that type for a reason?

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      It has a little different resistance. For grip it’s good to vary resistance from hard like tennis balls like a carpenter’s sponge.

      The sponge also has a course surface that helps condition the skin for gripping a non-compliant target.

      Did you have something else in mind? I’m always looking for new stuff to get my hands on.


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      Actually I was just referencing it in relation to my brick. I used a scouring sponge I got from the grocery store. Just noticed ya listed a wood sponge inside the brick materials.

      For grip strength I use the Captains of Crush. As I am sure ya know they have a resistant system and make a great product. I like them to make sure I am pushing towards the next gripper. I am goal oriented so they appeal to me. Grip strength is so important for punching and weapon retention as ya know. I love em.

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      It’s a resistance issue. You want something firm enough. That’s all.

      Captain’s of crush make excellent products. Grip strength and body conditioning are the 2 most over looked aspects of training.

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